Which Country Has the Largest Number of Cellphones?

Young people busy with their cell phones at a party.
Young people busy with their cell phones at a party.

Cell phone subscriptions are paid services that allow customers to use a mobile telecom company's telephony services plus text messaging, email, MMS, internet access, applications, games, and other cell phone services. These services are accessed over a radio frequency carrier and by internet access. China Mobile is the leader among the individual mobile operators in the world with more than 851 subscribers. Here are the countries with the largest mobile phone numbers. 

Countries With the Most Cellphones

China - 1.3 Billion

It is no surprise that the world's most populated country also has the highest number of cell phone users. There are more than 1.3 cell phones in use in China, the highest number in the world. Cell phone use is ubiquitous both in urban and rural areas. 

India - 1.17 Billion

India is the only other country in the world aside from China to have more than one billion cellphone subscribers. However, smartphone penetration within the Indian market is quite low. However, that number is expected to grow in the upcoming years. The largest telecom company in India is Vodafone Idea. 

United States - 327 Million

In the United States, cell phone use and smartphone use are high, with the majority of the adult American population having access to one. According to the Pew Research Center, around 77% of Americans use smartphones, which represents more than double the amount of users that were reported in 2011 (35%).

Brazil - 284 Million

The population of Brazil exhibits high cell phone and smartphone use, with an estimated 284 subscribers. The Brazilian smartphone market is primarily served by Android devices. The largest telecom company in Brazil is Vivo.

Russia - 256 Million 

Russia, another country with more than 200 million people, has cell phone users to match its population. There are currently four major telecom providers in Russia: MTS, Beeline, MegaFon, and Tele2. 

The Value of Cell Phone Subscriptions

According to a report generated by the Cologne Institute for Economic Research, mobile telephony, and increased phone subscriptions have allowed a higher economic growth in many countries. The advancement in gender equality, education, and more political participation have been a significant result of this modern convenience. There is also evidence that mobile technologies have contributed to GDP increases in some countries. Developing countries have especially profited with this modern innovation where it is a major form of communication. In many economically weak countries, where news often moves at a snail's pace, mobile phone access and communication is the only way to communicate information on natural calamities and disasters, saving people and property.

10 Countries With The Highest Rates Of Cell Phone Subscriptions

1 China1,320,810,000
2 India1,175,997,150
3 United States327,577,529
4 Brazil284,200,000
5 Russia256,116,000
6 Indonesia236,800,000
7 Nigeria167,371,945
8 Bangladesh157,048,000
9 Japan146,649,600
10 Pakistan150,169,643

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