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Paraguay History Timeline

Paraguay's Information

Flag of Paraguay
Land Area 397,302 km2
Water Area 9,450 km2
Total Area 406,752km2 (#59)
Population 6,862,812 (#104)
Population Density 17.27/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $64.67 Billion
GDP Per Capita $9,500
Currency Guarani (PYG)
Largest Cities
  • (1525) Portuguese explorer Alejo Garcia visited Paraguay
  • (1526) Sebastian Cabot explored rivers of Paraguay
  • (1537) Juan de Salazar founded Asucion, capital of Paraguay
  • (1542) Spanish colonists settled Asuncion
  • (1609) Spanish Jesuits converted local population to Roman Catholicism
  • (1811) Paraguay became independent
  • (1865-1870) Paraguay lost 90% of adult male population and large tracts of land in the war of Triple Alliance with Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay over sea access
  • (1932-1935) Paraguay won territory in west from Bolivia during Chaco War
  • (1945) Peru, Paraguay, Chile, Ecuador joined United Nations
  • (1989) General Andres Rodriguez staged coup to oust General Alfredo Stroessner; Andres Rodriguez elected president in first free presidential elections in 35 years
  • (1992) New democratic constitution promulgated
  • (1993) Juan Carlos Wasmosy won presidential elections
  • (1998) Raul Cubas elected president amid fraud allegations
  • (1999) President Raul Cubas resigned in wake of assassination of vice-president Luis Maria Argana; senator Luis Gonzalez Macchi sworn in as president
  • (2000)Army major, two men sentenced to prison terms for Argana's murder
  • (2001) Head of central bank resigned over alleged involvement in fraudulent transfers of $16 million to US bank account
  • (2002) President Gonzalez Macchi accused of corruption for alleged role in illegal investment scandal; congress voted impeachment proceedings, Macchi survived vote to remove him from office
  • (2003) Nicanor Duarte Frutos sworn in as president; predecessor Luis Gonzalez Macchi barred from leaving country, put on trail for corruption charges
  • (2004) Cecilia Cubas, daughter of former president Raul Cubas, kidnapped, murdered
  • (2005) Cecilia Cubas' body found
  • (2006) 15 members of radical leftist group convicted, sentenced for kidnapping, murder of Cecilia Cubas
  • (2007) Government declared state of emergency due to outbreak of dengue fever
  • (2008) Former Roman Catholic Bishop Fernando Lugo was inaugurated, ended 61 years of one-party rule
  • (2009) Brazil agreed to triple compensation to Paraguay to operate Itaipu hydro-electric dam on shared border
  • (2010) Security forces launched operations against left-wing rebel group blamed for flood of violent incidents in northern Paraguay
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