Highest Mountains In Paraguay

The mountainous landscape of Paraguay.
The mountainous landscape of Paraguay.

Paraguay is one of the landlocked countries in South America. Its neighbors include Brazil, Bolivia, and Argentina. Paraguay falls into Paranena region and Chaco region. The two regions are separated by the Paraguay River. The Paranena region is characterized by plateaus, rolling hills, and valleys. The majority of the population of Paraguay lives in the Paranena region because of the significant orographic features and the favorable climate. The Eastern hills and mountains dominate the region reaching about 2,297 feet above the sea level. The highest point in Paraguay reaches an elevation of 2,297 feet above the sea level.

Highest Mountains In Paraguay

Cerro Pero

Cerro Pero is the highest mountain in Paraguay at an elevation of 2,762 feet above the sea level. The mountain is located in the Southern Paraguay, Grand Chico region. Because of its height, Cerro Pero was used by the Paraguayan army as a radio link for the whole country. However, it has been abandoned by the military forces. Cerro Pero has rich fauna diversity with a massive forest cover up to the summit. The forest is home to migrant birds and several species of large mammals. Most parts of Chaco region can be viewed from the summit of Pero including the neighboring towns and villages. The mountain can be accessed by the long treks which lead to its base. Cerro Pero is an important geographical feature and tourist attraction in Paraguay.

Cerro Leon

Cerro Leon is a zone of hills located in the department of Alto Paraguay in the mountainous area of northwestern Paraguay. It is located within the national park Defensores del Chaco and covers about 40 kilometers in diameter. Cerra Leon is the second highest mountain in Paraguay at an elevation of 2,001 feet above the sea level. The flora of the Cerro Leon includes palo santo low forest, thorny shrubs, and species of cactus. The wildlife found in the mountainous area of Leon are mostly cats such as tirikas and puma and various species of monkeys. Visitors who come to the national park also visit the mountain which is also famous for hiking and climbing.

Cerro Nu Cany

Cerro Nu Cany is the third highest mountain in Paraguay at an elevation of 1,308 feet above sea level. The mountain is located in the Departmento de Caazap, Paraguay. Cerro Nu Cany is the highest mountain in the Itapua. The mountain has a flat summit of about 45 kilometers which can be used as an airfield for light aircraft. There is no recorded first ascent on this mountain. However, Nu Cany is one of the frequented mountains in Paraguay famous for hiking and mountaineering. The mountain is home to few known plants. However, shrubs and cactus species dominate the mountain. The fauna species found in Nu Cany include species of monkeys adapted to the mountain conditions and few cat species.

Mountain Conservation In Paraguay

The mountains of Paraguay are under the management of the Department of Natural Resources. Most of the mountains are protected areas, and one must get permission from the management. The mountains are major geographical features which play an important role the growth of tourism sector. The conservation of these mountains is aimed at not only preserving their status but also increasing the number of tourists visiting them.

Highest Mountains In Paraguay

RankHighest Mountains in ParaguayElevation
2,762 feet
2,001 feet
3Nu Cany1,308 feet
4Naranjo1,067 feet
1,063 feet
1,025 feet
960 feet
912 feet
894 feet
875 feet

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