The National Parks Of Paraguay

The Salto Ñacunday waterfall in the Ñacunday National Park​.
The Salto Ñacunday waterfall in the Ñacunday National Park​.

A Small Country With Great Biodiversity

Paraguay is a country of great biodiversity. It is a landlocked country located in the heart of South America and is bordered by Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia. The Paraguay River flows through central Paraguay. The country, though small in size, has varied ecosystems that range from the Atlantic Forest and Cerrado to the Chaco wilderness, and the Pantanal as well the wetlands of the Mesopotamian Grasslands.

Some Of The Major National Parks Of Paraguay

Cerro Cora National Park

Cerro Cora National Park, encompassing an area of 5,538 hectares is the largest protected area in the country. The park is situated in the Amambay Department of the country at a distance of 45 km from Pedro Juan Caballero, the capital of the department. The Cerro Cora National Park was established on February 11, 1976, and is not just a nature reserve but also a major historical site. The area hosted the ending battle of the Paraguayan War on March 1, 1870. Today, the park hosts a recreation center, museum, and several historical monuments reminding visitors of the historical past of the region. The park is also well-known for its ancient rock writings.

Ñacunday National Park

Ñacunday National Park is located in the Ñacunday, Alto Paraná district in Paraguay where it spans an area of 20 square km. The park's central feature is the Salto Ñacunday, a picturesque 110-meter wide and 40-meter tall waterfall. Trees growing in the park are usually 15 to 20 meters high and trees of the Meliaceae family, Palmae family, Myrtaceae family are common in the national park. A diversity of orchids and ferns also grow in the park. A variety of mammals, birds, reptiles, and rodents inhabit the national park. A stretch of the Ñacunday River which hosts a rich diversity of fishes is also part of the protected area.

National Parks In The Chaco

The great American Chaco is a vast plain that encompasses a huge area stretching across Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia. The formation of the Chaco is closely related to the formation of the Andes. Several protected areas are located in the Chaco region of Paraguay. The National Park “Defensores del Chaco” is the biggest protected area in the country and is inhabited by various species of animals like armadillos, monkeys, puma, and others. Several other protected regions including national parks and nature reserves are present in Paraguay’s Chaco region.

Ypoá National Park

The Ypoá National Park is another national park in Paraguay that covers an area of 1,000 square km and is 150 km away from the capital of the country, Asunción. The national park protects landscapes of exceptional beauty and the unique wildlife of the region.

Role Of Paraguay's National Parks

The national parks of Paraguay protect and preserve the wildlife of the country. Hunting, logging, and any other form of intervention by humans is strictly prohibited in the national parks of the country. Only, visitors to the parks are allowed to enjoy the scenic beauty and observe the rich biodiversity in their natural habitat. Tourism to the national parks also earns significant revenue for the country.


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