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Vermont History Timeline

1500s - 1600s
  • (1535) French explorer, Jacques Cartier, first European to explore Vermont
  • (1609) Samuel de Champlain claimed Vermont region for France; discovered lake Champlain
  • (1666) Ft. St. Anne, first white settlement, built at Isle LaMotte
  • (1724) British built Fort Drummer, first permanent settlement in Vermont
  • (1731) French built fort at Chimney Point
  • (1759) The French abandoned Chimney Point settlement
  • (1760) Crown Point Military Road, completed east - west across Vermont
  • (1764) Vermont became part of New York, decreed by King George III
  • (1774) Scottish-American Land Company brought Scottish settlers to Vermont
  • (1775) Ethan Allen, Green Mountain Boys, captured Fort Ticonderoga
  • (1777) Battle of Hubbarton, only Battle of Revolutionary War fought in Vermont; Vermont declared independence from Britain; prohibited slavery
  • (1779) Property rights established for women
  • (1780) Last major Indian raid
  • (1785) First marble quarry opened in Dorset
  • (1791) Vermont became 14th U. S. state
  • (1805) Montpelier named capital
  • (1812) Vermont volunteers fought British in battles at Chippewa, Lundy's Lane, Plattsburgh in War of 1812
  • (1814) U. S. gained control of Lake Champlain, stopped British invasion
  • (1823) Champlain Canal opened, created water route between Vermont, New York City
  • (1835) Abolitionist Samuel J. May mobbed during lecture in Montpelier
  • (1837) John Deere patented steel plow; Thomas Davenport patented first electric motor
  • (1849) Vermont's first railroad completed from Boston to Lake Champlain
  • (1850) Vermont nullified U. S. Fugitive Slave Law
  • (1864) St. Albans attacked during Civil War
  • (1881) Vermont native, Chester Arthur, became 21st President of the United States


  • (1918) Women voted in town elections
  • (1921) Women's Suffrage passed
  • (1923) Vermont native, Calvin Coolidge, became U. S. President; gasoline tax adopted; state flag adopted
  • (1927) Flooding in Vermont caused 84 deaths
  • (1934) First ski tow in U. S. constructed in Woodstock
  • (1954) Consuelo Northrup Bailey elected first woman lieutenant governor in U. S.
  • (1962) First democratic governor in over 100 years elected
  • (1964) Last towns in Vermont received electricity - Victory, Granby and Jamaica
  • (1985) Madeleine M. Kunin became first woman governor of Vermont
  • (2000) Vermont's assembly approved same-sex marriages
  • (2001) Vermont produced 275,000 US gallons of maple syrup; Sen. James Jeffords left Republican Party to become an independent, Democratic Party gained control of Senate for first time since 1994 (2004) Former governor, Howard Dean, dropped candidacy for Democratic president
  • (2010) Human rights activists interrupted performance of Israel Ballet in Burlington, calling attention to the dance company's complicity in Israeli war crimes
  • (2011) Tropical Storm Irene caused major floods, washed away bridges, three deaths

Vermont Photographs

jacques cartiersamuel de champlaignbattle of beningtonbattle of valcour islandethan allenchamplaign canalJohn Deermaple syrup

Vermont Cities, Counties & Area Codes

City County Area Code
Middlebury Addison 802
Bennington Bennington 802
Saint Johnsbury Caledonia 802
Burlington Chittenden 802
Island Pond Essex 802
Saint Albans Franklin 802
Grand Isle Grand Isle 802
Morrisville Lamoille 802
Randolph Orange 802
Newport Orleans 802
Rutland Rutland 802
Barre Washington 802
Brattleboro Windham 802
Springfield Windsor 802

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