Church Street Marketplace, Burlington, Vermont.

Burlington, Vermont

The State of Vermont is located in the northeastern New England region of the United States. The state covers an area of 24,923 km2 and is the sixth-smallest and the second-least populous state. The city of Montpelier serves as the capital of Vermont, while the city of Burlington is its largest and most populous city.

Map of Vermont.

Part of Vermont’s western boundary with the State of New York is formed by Lake Champlain, which is the 13th largest lake in the United States and the largest lake in the New England region. The city of Burlington sits on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain, approximately 72 km to the south of the US-Canada International Border.

With an area of only 40.13 km2, the city of Burlington is the least populated city in the United States to be recognized as the largest city in its home state. About 42,417 inhabitants reside in the city of Burlington. In 2015, it became the first city in the US to operate completely on renewable energy.

Map of Burlington and South Burlington, Vermont. 

According to the Köppen climate classification, the city of Burlington experiences a humid continental climate with warm and wet summers and relatively cool winters. Due to the city’s location near Lake Champlain, it often experiences sudden and heavy snowfall and extremely cold winter temperatures.

Vermont’s biggest hospital, the University of Vermont Medical Center, is situated within the city. South Burlington is home to the famous Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory where visitors can watch the whole process from above, and then move on to the Flavor Room for samples. The alternative band Phish also has its roots in Burlington.


The city of Burlington is often considered a “hip” city, that fuses the cultures of Canada to the north and the city of Boston to the south. The downtown area is known for its artsy boutiques, trendy restaurants, eclectic shops, and quirky street performers. The popular ski resort towns of Stowe and Smuggler’s Notch are just a short drive to the east.

Magic Hat Brewing Company

The Magic Hat Brewing Company is situated in South Burlington, and one must surely visit this iconic American brewery full of tasty beer and crazy artifacts. One can also get free samples of a variety of Magic Hat beers on tap, as well as a free and informative guided tour. The brewery carries the mystique of blending alchemy with modern-day science to create the best-tasting beer on the planet. Keep your eyes open for some of the magical and slightly weird trademarks of the company while on tour.

Flynn Center For The Performing Arts

Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, Burlington, Vermont.

This art-deco theater houses 1,453 seats and is home to over 100 world-class acts annually. Some of the famous shows include Broadway musicals, dramatic theater, dance productions, and family performances. In addition to hosting all of the “big acts,” the Flynn has a gallery with rotating exhibits featuring local Vermont artists.

Church Street Marketplace

Church Street Marketplace, Burlington, Vermont. 

The Church Street Marketplace serves as Burlington’s hub of shopping, dining, and other events. This outdoor mall is a cultural melting pot featuring over 86 different stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and bars currently controlled by the Church Street Marketplace Commission. Special events and festivals are held in the marketplace throughout the year, including South End Art Hop, sidewalk sales, holiday festivals, and farmers’ markets. 

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