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Prince Edward Island

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1500s - 1700s
  • (1534) Jacques Cartier of France reached the Island
  • (1603) Named Ile Saint-Jean by Samuel de Champlain
  • (1720) First continuous French settlement established at Port La Joie
  • (1755) Acadians settled French colony, Ile Saint-Jean, after British-ordered explusion of Nova Scotia
  • (1758) British seized control of Ile Saint-Jean, French setlers deported
  • (1763) Ile Saint-Jean annexed to Nova Scotia
  • (1764 - 1766) Survey divided land into three counties, each 500,000 acres, counties divided into 100,000 acre parishes
  • (1769) Established as separate colony, Charlottetown became capital
  • (1798) Great Britain renamed colony to Prince Edward Island
  • (1803) Scottish immigrants settled on Island
  • (1813 - 1815) Numerous settlements attacked by plagues of mice
  • (1816) Volcanic eruption in Pacific lowered temperatures, harvest yields (Year without Summer)
  • (1851) Responsible government granted to colony, first elected administration took office
  • (1864) Colonial conference held in Charlottetown
  • (1868) Best year for shipbuilding - 120 vessels launched from Island shipyards
  • (1873) Prince Edward Island entered confederation
  • (1880's) Shipbuilding indsutry collapsed, thousands of islanders migrated to find work
  • (1908) Automobiles banned from Island roads
  • (1917) All roads opened to auto traffic
  • (1922) Women won right to vote and hold provincial office
  • (1924) Driving on the right side of the road went into effect
  • (1950) Alberta, B.C., Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan and P.E.I. signed agreement to build Trans-Canada highway
  • (1971) Trans-Canada highway completed
  • (1993) Catherine Callbeck elected first female premier of province
  • (1996) Progressive Conservative Party won elections
  • (1997) Confederation bridge opened, linked Prince Edward Island to New Brunwick
  • (2004) RCMP investigated threatening letters sent to Charlottetown government buildings
  • (2005) Same-sex marriage legislation passed
  • (2007) Liberal Party won elections
  • (2008) Canada, P.E.I. signed new immigration agreement to process applications quicker for skilled international workers
  • (2009) Fire at electricity substation left 55,000 without power
  • (2010) Prime Minister Harper announced a new wind farm to be established on most northern point of P.E.I. for power generation
  • (2011) Liberal Party won elections, Robert Ghiz reelected as Premier
  • (2012) Two major trout fishing streams will be closed to angling following a devastating fish kill

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