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Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia History Timeline

1400s - 1600s
  • (1497) Explorer, John Cabot, explored present-day Cape Breton Island
  • (1604) French established first capital for Acadia colony at Port Royal
  • (1607) French abandoned Port Royal
  • (1621) English named Acadia Nova Scotia
  • (1629) Scottish settlers arrived at Port Royal
  • (1632) Quebec, Nova Scotia returned to France in Treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye; Scots forced to abandon Fort Royal, turned over to French
  • (1713) Treaty of Utrecht gave Nova Scotia to British; Nova Scotia became British colony
  • (1754) French and Indian War at Port Royal
  • (1755 - 1763) Great Upheaval - French Acadians transferred to other British-controlled colonies, thousands died
  • (1758) Nova Scotia leglislature established
  • (1763) French ceded Cape Breton Island, New Brunswick, St. John's Island (now Prince Edward Island) to British in the Treaty of Paris; joined to Nova Scotia
  • (1769) Prince Edward Island established as independent colony
  • (1775) Independence Hurricane struck from South Carolina to Nova Scotia, killed 4,170
  • (1784) Cape Breton Island, New Brunswick became independent colonies
  • (1820) Cape Breton Island rejoined Nova Scotia
  • (1849) Nova Scotia first colony in British North America, British Empire to become self-governing
  • (1867) British North American Act joined colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick in one federal union; Dominion of Canada formed, Ottawa capital
  • (1873) The SS Atlantic, sunk near Peggy's Point, Nova Scotia, 547 killed
  • (1873) Nova Scotia cyclone sank over 1,000 ships, destroyed bridges, wharves, homes, churches; killed 500
  • (1895-1898) Joshua Slocum of Nova Scotia, first man to sail solo around world
  • (1907) First recorded flight in Canada occurred at Baddeck, Nova Scotia
  • (1917) Halifax explosion caused by detonation of SS Mont-Blanc cargo ship, loaded with wartime explosives, killed 1,900 people and injured 9,000 (world's largest man-made accidental explosion)
  • (1918) Nova Scotia women won right to vote, hold provincial office
  • (1921) Racing schooner, Bluenose, launched at Lunenburg, Nova Scotia1
  • (1945) HMCS Esquimalt torpedoed by German U-boat, sunk off Chebucto Head, Nova Scotia
  • (1955) Canso Causeway between mainland Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island completed
  • (1956) Conservatives returned to power for first time since Confederation
  • (1958) Springhill Mine disaster occurred, 74 killed
  • (1976) Supreme Court of Nova Scotia ruled province had no right to censor motion pictures
  • (1977) 44-pound lobster caught off Nova Scotia
  • (1992) Fishing industry suffered sharp decline due to overfishing, 20,000 jobs lost
  • (1995) Former Premier Gerald Regan charged with 16 counts of sex crimes
  • (2003) Hurricane Juan landed at Halifax; 7 died
  • (2004) Boeing 747 MK Airlines cargo plane crashed after take-off at Halifax International Airport, 7 crew members killed
  • (2008) $400 million project launched to clean Halifax Harbour (first of three treatment facilities)
  • (2009) Toronto hiker killed by coyotes in Nova Scotia
  • (2010) Four members of the Legislative Assembly were charged with fraud and breach of trust
  • (2011) Scientists found signs of revival in cod fishery after 20 years of decline
  • (2012) Metro Transit bus and ferry operators struck for 40 days, services were shut down