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Manitoba History Timeline

  • (1610) Henry Hudson discovered Hudson Bay
  • (1612) First European set foot in Manitoba, Capt Thomas Button wintered two ships at Port Nelson
  • (1631) Luke Fox explored west coast of Hudson Bay
  • (1670) Hudson's Bay Company incorporated, charter granted by Charles II
  • (1690 - 1691) Henry Kelsey explored Northern Manitoba from Hudson Bay to Saskatchewan River
  • (1697) Hudson's Bay Company lost all posts, except Port Albany, to French
  • (1713) Treaty of Utrecht returned all posts to Hudson's Bay Company
  • (1731) French-Canadian, La Vérendrye, set out to explore the west
  • (1736) La Vérendrye's men killed at Massacre Island at Lake of the Woods
  • (1738) La Vérendrye reached forks of Assiniboine and Red Rivers
  • (1742) Fort Dauphin founded
  • (1793) Trading post founded for North West Company on Assiniboine River; Hudson's Bay Company established by Red and Assiniboine Rivers
  • (1797) David Thompson, English-Canadian fur trader and map-maker, reached Souris River
  • (1801) Canadian fur trader, Alexander Henry the Younger, reached forks of Red and Assiniboine Rivers
  • (1810) North West Company established Fort Gibraltar
  • (1811) Lord Selkirk established first European agricultural settlement near Winnipeg
  • (1812) First settlers arrived at the Forks (Red and Assiniboine Rivers)
  • (1816) Band of Métis, led by Cuthbert Grant, seized a supply of Hudson's Bay Company pemmican (Battle of Seven Oaks) ; Governor Robert Semple, 19 colonists killed
  • (1821) North West Company, Hudson's Bay Company merged (under name of Hudson's Bay Company)
  • (1826) Flood severely impacted settlers at Selkirk Settlement (now Winnipeg)
  • (1849) Pierre Guillaume Sayer found guilty of fur trading in Red River with Metis; Hudson's Bay Company monopoly over trading at Red River ended
  • (1850) Battle of Grand Couteau between Sioux Indians and buffalo hunters took place on Souris plains
  • (1863) Sioux Indians arrived following Minnesota Massacre
  • (1869 - 1870) Louis Riel led Red River Rebellion, seized Fort Garry, established provisional government; Hudson's Bay Company relinquished western Canadian Territory to Canadian Government for $300,000
  • (1870) The Manitoba Act created Canada's 5th province (Manitoba)
  • (1871) Manitoba government met for the first time
  • (1873) Winnipeg incorporated as a city
  • (1875) Icelandic emigrants settled in Manitoba (largest settlement of Icelanders outside of country)
  • (1877) University of Manitoba founded
  • (1888-90) Protestants demanded end to French schools
  • (1890) Manitoba School Act
  • (1890) Manitoba legislature passed law abolishing French as official language of the province
  • (1916) Manitoba first province to give women right to vote
  • (1919) Winnipeg General Strike was called
  • (1935) Winnipeg Blue Bombers became first western Canadian team to win Grey Cup
  • (1950) Winnipeg flood along Red River caused immense damage and one death
  • (1956) Winnipeg connected to Trans Canada Telephone System
  • (1958) Manitoba Theatre Centre opened
  • (1962) Winnipeg Blue Bombers won Grey Cup in the famous fog bowl
  • (1967) The fifth Pan American Games commenced in Winnipeg
  • (1968) St. Boniface Cathedral destroyed by fire
  • (1972) Manitoba merged into a mega city
  • (1983) Air Canada flight 143 crash landed in Gimli
  • (1984) Winnipeg Blue Bombers won Grey Cup
  • (1985) Supreme Court of Canada ruled that past and future laws would be translated into French and English
  • (1990) Winnipeg became 4th largest city in Canada
  • (1999) Pan American Games held in Winnipeg
  • (2000) Federal government opened marijuana growing operation in abandoned mine
  • (2004) New anti-smoking laws introduced
  • (2004) Same-sex marriage became constitutional
  • (2007) General Election won by governing New Democrats
  • (2008) 22-year-old Canadian man was stabbed, beheaded, cannibalized on bus near Portage la Prairie
  • (2010) Winnipeg's crime rate dropped 13%
  • (2010) Scientists, environmentalists concerned about wildlife being killed due to plastic pollution washing up on shores of LAke Manitoba
  • (2011) Manitoba artists, industry won 16 awards at Western Canadian Music Awards
  • (2012) March was the warmest month in at least 140 years

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