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Israel Facts

Israel's Information

Flag of Israel
Land Area 20,330 km2
Water Area 440 km2
Total Area 20,770km2 (#149)
Population 8,174,527 (#98)
Population Density 402.09/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Democracy
GDP (PPP) $297.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $34,800
Currency Shekel (ILS)
Largest Cities

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  • Name: Israel
    (long form) State of Israel
  • Capital City: Jerusalem (780,200 pop.)
    (1,029,300 metro)
  • Israel Population: 7,707,042 (2013 est.)
  • World Populations (all countries)
  • Currency: New Israeli Shekel (ILS)
    (conversion rates)

    20 Shekels
  • Ethnicity: Jewish 76.4% (Israel-born 67.1%, Europe/America-born 22.6%, Africa-born 5.9%, Asia-born 4.2%), non-Jewish 23.6% (mostly Arab)
  • GDP total: $247.9 billion (2012 est.)
  • GDP per capita: $32,200 (2012 est.)
  • Land Sizes
  • Language: Hebrew (official), Arabic official for Arab minority, English most common foreign language
  • Largest Cities: (by population) Jerusalem, West Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv
  • Name: Historically used as a reference to the biblical Kingdom of Israel; Israel was the name given to patriarch Jacob upon his successful battle with the angel of the Lord
  • National Day: May 14
  • Religion: Jewish 75.5%, Muslim 16.8%, Christian 2.1%, Druze 1.7%, other 3.9%
  • Symbols
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