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Officially the Togolese Republic, this country in western Africa has little written history before the late 15th century.

Europeans in search of slaves.

Subsequently, Togo and the surrounding region was referred to as the "Slave Coast," and that terrible stigma remains to this day.

In 1905, Toga became the African history. Shortly thereafter, his son Faure Gnassingbe was elected president.

Gnassingbé's succession was challenged by a popular protest and by threat of sanctions from regional leaders. Subsequently, Gnassingbé succumbed to pressure and in April 2005, held elections that legitimized his succession. He has since been reelected.

Togo's economy is based primarily on commercial and subsistence agriculture, providing employment for 65% of the work force. Cotton, coffee and cocoa together generate about 40% of export earnings.

Its former and most prosperous industry, phosphate mining, has virtually collapsed, due to the fall of the world's phosphate prices, financial problems and foreign competition.

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