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The 7 Kindest Cities In The United States

What is the one thing many of us crave in a post-Covid-19 world? The answer for a lot of people is simple—kindness. Kindness in our communities is an essential part of life. Kindness creates a sense of belonging and connection, something more precious than gold today. That's why it's no surprise that these American cities are making waves. Thanks to the research of Wallet Hub, we have been able to locate America's kindest cities using key indicators such as volunteer hours, most sheltered homeless people, and cities with the most donations per capita, to name a few. So without further ado, here are America's kindest cities!

1. Madison, Wisconsin - 69.56

Madison, Wisconsin
Colorado music act "Rich With Friends" performs outside the Wisconsin State Capitol building during a regular Saturday Farmer's Market in Madiscon. Editorial credit: youngryand /

Madison, Wisconsin, is the kindest American city out there. Kindness is part of their mission, and they make it a point to create an accepting community that embraces everyone who visits or lives here. Whether you are looking for a place to relax, explore, or start anew, Madison has something for you. The city is filled with incredible art galleries, theatres, parks, restaurants, and more. There is also plenty of outdoor activities, such as biking trails, kayaking, fishing spots, and more. The people here are passionate about making the city welcoming to all. Kindness is part of their culture, and they go out of their way to ensure everyone feels safe and accepted in Madison. 

2. Boston, Massachusetts - 68.97

Boston people protest
Thousands of Boston residents protested the killing of George Floyd and others by police, and called for an end to police brutality. Editorial credit: Maverick Pictures /

Boston, Massachusetts, is one of the kindest cities in America. This is no surprise since it has always been a city where community and kindness are valued by its citizens. People from all walks of life are welcomed here with open arms, creating an inclusive atmosphere that makes this city unique. Kindness can be seen in everyday interactions as people go out of their way to help each other. This spirit of camaraderie has created a warm and inviting city that is both welcoming and safe. There are also a number of organizations devoted to fostering kindness in Boston, making it the perfect place for anyone looking for a sense of community and connection. Whether you are visiting or calling this city home, you can expect to be surrounded by genuine hospitality and warmth. 

3. New York City, New York - 67.97

new york charity
Volunteer getting wheelchairs ready for people who need help during The Gay Pride 2021 in Manhattan, New York City. Editorial credit: CHOONGKY /

New York City is one of the world's most vibrant cities, and it is no surprise that it ranks high on Kindness. Kindness in New York City comes in many forms: from friendly strangers offering directions to pedestrians to doughnut shops giving out free treats on their anniversary; this city has something for everyone. Kindness can be found everywhere, whether it's someone lending a hand to an elderly person or good citizens doing their part to help the disadvantaged. Kindness is at the heart of New York and this city encourages everyone to be kind and generous. Kindness can also be found in the many volunteer initiatives available throughout the city, making it easier for people to give back. 

4. Virginia Beach, Virginia - 65.13

virginia beach
The spectacular beach at Virginia Beach offers recreational oppotunities to all residents of the city.

Virginia Beach is a beautiful destination for both locals and tourists alike. And while it is the largest city in Virginia, it is also the kindest! This city knows about kindness, and it shows. It can be seen in everyday interactions between people here, from friendly smiles at the grocery store to lending books to strangers. Kindness shines through in Virginia Beach as volunteers have many opportunities to give back to the community and special projects like beach cleanups. Kindness can be found all over Virginia Beach, making it a great place to call home! Virginia Beach proves that Kindness is more than just an attitude but also a community-wide effort. 

5. Fremont, California - 64.89

Fremont, California
A group of musicians in traditional Scottish clothing play bagpipes in Fremont Central Park to entertain the visitors. Editorial credit: Iv-olga /

Fremont, California, is not only the city where Apple made its first computer but is also one of the Kindest American Cities. Kindness is something you can find everywhere in this great city. Kindness is especially seen in the way Fremont residents take care of each other, with many people going out of their way to make sure that everyone is looked after. There are also many organizations that are devoted to fostering Kindness in Fremont, from food drives to community cleanups. Kindness is alive and thriving in Fremont, California! This incredible city scored especially high for kindness in the workplace. So if you are looking for a city that values you in your chosen vocation, make sure to check out Fremont!

6. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 64.54

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Veterans in Pittsburgh march in support of a peaceful world. Editorial credit: Zsuzsi Matolcsy /

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is more than just the home of the Steelers, Pittsburgh's very own NFL football team! This vibrant city is also incredibly kind and full of life. Kindness comes in many different forms here, from locals helping out tourists to businesses helping those in need. Kindness can be found at every turn as Pittsburgh residents take extra care to ensure each person feels included. Kindness is also seen in how Pittsburgh residents participate in volunteer initiatives, such as cleanup days and charity events. Kindness is an integral part of the culture here, making it an enjoyable city to visit. 

7. Jersey City, New Jersey - 64.26

jersey city
Jersey City does not only have a warm weather and sunny beaches but also warm hearted people.

Jersey City is one of the Kindest American Cities. Kindness can be seen in everyday life here, from smiling at strangers to helping out a neighbor with their groceries. Kindness runs deep in Jersey City, as there are many volunteer initiatives here. Kindness is also seen in how businesses treat their customers, with many local stores offering discounts to the vulnerable. Kindness is alive and thriving here, making it a great place to visit or call home.

In conclusion, it is important to remember that when we talk about topics like this, we're actually talking about people. And while we can not control the actions of others, we are responsible for our own. Do you want to live in a kinder place? Remember, change starts with you. Your kindness is contagious, and if enough of us spread it around, maybe one day soon, our cities will make the list of America's 7 Kindest Cities! 

30 Kindest Cities In The United States Based On Total Score

Overall Rank  City Total Score 
1 Madison, WI 69.56
2 Boston, MA 68.97
3 New York, NY 67.97
4 Virginia Beach, VA 65.13
5 Fremont, CA 64.89
6 Pittsburgh, PA 64.54
7 Jersey City, NJ 64.26
8 Lincoln, NE 62.96
9 Seattle, WA 62.92
10 Denver, CO 62.58
11 Portland, OR 62.53
12 Colorado Springs, CO 62.5
13 Minneapolis, MN 62.48
14 San Francisco, CA 62.46
15 St. Paul, MN 62.44
16 Chesapeake, VA 62.19
17 Irvine, CA 61.67
18 Gilbert, AZ 61.64
19 Aurora, CO 61.52
20 Washington, DC 61.38
21 San Diego, CA 61.16
22 Plano, TX 61.09
23 Scottsdale, AZ 60.89
24 San Jose, CA 60.3
25 Omaha, NE 60.22
26 Newark, NJ 59.95
27 Raleigh, NC 59.39
28 Chula Vista, CA 59.15
29 Lexington-Fayette, KY 58.9
30 Anchorage, AK 58.54

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