The Best American Football Teams

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  • The Steelers have won six Super Bowls.
  • The Patriots have won five Super Bowls.
  • The Cowboys have won five Super Bowls.

The Super Bowl is a game of American football that is played annually to determine which team will emerge as the champion in the National Football League's (NFL). The Super Bowl marks the end of the season which starts in the preceding calendar year. The venue for the Super Bowl is chosen about three or four years prior to the event. It is generally held in an American city, usually in dome stadiums or warm-weather sites. At the end of every NFL playoffs, the National Football Conference (NFC) Championship Game's winner has to play against the American Football Conference (AFC) Championship Game's winner. This has been a trend since January 1971.

The Best American Football Teams

The History of Super Bowl

The NFL together with the American Football League (AFL) only met in four contests of its kind before the two merged in 1970. Initially, the two leagues were known as the AFL-NFL World Championship Game. The first event that had the 'Super Bowl' alias took place in January 1969, and it was dubbed 'Super Bowl III.' At present, the AFC/AFL has had 25 wins while the NFC/NFL leads with 26 wins in the Super Bowl. There have been 19 franchises which include teams that have moved to another city and have emerged champions at the Super Bowl. These are the best American football teams in the world, according to Super Bowl wins.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the Pittsburgh Steelers are an American football team that have had the most Super Bowl wins with six championships. The team was founded in 1933 making it the AFC`s oldest franchise. The team competes in the NFL as a club member of the AFC's North Division. Pittsburgh has also hosted about 11 conference championship games which is more than that of any other NFL team.

Denver Broncos

Found in Denver Colorado, the Denver Broncos are an American football team that has had 3 Super Bowl wins. The team competes in the NFL as a club member of the AFC's West Division. Owned by the Pat Bowlen Trust, the team started playing in 1960. The Broncos have become one of the most successful teams in the NFL's since 1975. However, the team has lost a total of 5 Super Bowls.

Miami Dolphins

Based in Miami, the Dolphins are an American football team that has won 2 Super Bowl championships and had at least three consecutive appearances. The team competes in the NFL as a club member of the AFC's East Division. For their home games, the Dolphins play at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. Headquartered in Davie, Florida, the Dolphins are the oldest professional sports team in Florida.

Overview of the American football teams

The New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys, and San Francisco 49ers take second place as the teams with the most Super Bowl wins with five each. With 9 Super Bowl appearances, New England leads the teams with the most appearances. The most consecutive appearance goes to the Buffalo Bills that have had approximately four straight losses between 1990 and 1993. The Buffalo Bills, Minnesota Vikings, and the New England Patriots have lost four matches each. The Miami Dolphins, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys, and the Denver Broncos have all had consecutive wins. The Baltimore Ravens are the only team that has had multiple Super Bowl appearances but no losses. Both New England and Dallas are the only teams that have won three out of four Super Bowls consecutively.

The Best American Football Teams

Rank´╗┐Team NameNumber of Super Bowl WinsYear of Last Win
1Pittsburgh Steelers62008
2New England Patriots52016
3Dallas Cowboys51995
4San Francisco 49ers51994
5Green Bay Packers42010
6New York Giants42011
7Denver Broncos32015
8Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders31983
9Washington Redskins31991
10Miami Dolphins21973
11Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts22006
12Baltimore Ravens22012
13St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams11999
14Seattle Seahawks12013
15Kansas City Chiefs11969
16Chicago Bears11985
17New York Jets11968

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