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Where Is Area Code 763?

Area code 763 is found in the US state of Minnesota. Primarily servicing the city of Minneapolis (population: 173528), area code 763 covers 6 counties of Minnesota.

Located in the Central time zone, area code 763 is on the same time as Chicago, IL.

Area code 763 was brought into effect on February 27, 2000. 763 was split from the parent 612 area code.

Map of Minnesota with area code 763 highlighted

Counties in Area Code 763

  • Anoka,
  • Hennepin,
  • Isanti,
  • Mille Lacs,
  • Sherburne,
  • Wright.

Most Populous Cities in Area Code 763

City County City Population Time Zone
Minneapolis Anoka 173,528 CST
Anoka Anoka 47,132 CST
Andover Anoka 46,740 CST
Elk River Sherburne 36,928 CST
Maple Grove Hennepin 33,702 CST
Osseo Hennepin 33,431 CST
Circle Pines Anoka 27,733 CST
Buffalo Wright 23,746 CST
Champlin Hennepin 23,733 CST
Monticello Wright 18,471 CST
Big Lake Sherburne 18,404 CST
Saint Michael Wright 16,585 CST
Princeton Mille Lacs 16,411 CST
Zimmerman Sherburne 15,708 CST
Cambridge Isanti 14,852 CST
Rogers Hennepin 13,949 CST
Isanti Isanti 12,711 CST
Albertville Wright 10,757 CST
Cedar Anoka 10,341 CST
Becker Sherburne 9,161 CST
Delano Wright 8,723 CST
Saint Francis Anoka 7,666 CST
Hamel Hennepin 6,503 CST
Maple Plain Hennepin 6,120 CST
Rockford Wright 5,728 CST

Note: The above list is based off of the top 25 most populous cities in the area code as per 2012 United States Census Bureau estimates.

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This page was last updated on July 3, 2015.