Close up of the Foley Building in Eufaula where the fighting for the McIntosh County seat war occurred in June 1908. Image credit RaksyBH via Shutterstock.

8 of the Most Hospitable Small Towns in Oklahoma

The plains and mountain ranges of Oklahoma provide a scenic backdrop to any part of the Sooner State visitors might find themselves in. While many people might think of Oklahoma City and Tulsa as the main attractions here, tons of small towns provide a certain charm that no big city can while welcoming residents and tourists with open arms. The American Indian history, arts, music, and outdoor activities are just some of the many things Oklahoma towns have. Here are the eight most hospitable small towns in Oklahoma. 


A cafe on the main street of Perry on a cloudy day in Oklahoma.
A cafe on the main street of Perry on a cloudy day in Oklahoma.

Anyone who's a fan of history should check out the Cherokee Strip Museum in Perry. Here, visitors can check out different Cherokee artifacts and learn about their history in Oklahoma. The Noble County Courthouse is located in downtown Perry, where cases are still looked at to this day. Granted, there are not a lot of bad things that go on in Perry. One of the ways to spend time outdoors is by visiting Perry Lake. Some of the many activities at the lake include fishing, biking, swimming, and picnic areas for the whole family. A great place to take a picture is the Perry Wrestling Monument Park. Perry truly has something for anyone to get excited about! 


The old business district on Will Rogers Boulevard in Claremore.
The old business district on Will Rogers Boulevard in Claremore. Image credit Roberto Galan via Shutterstock.

When it comes to early 1900s actors, not many names are bigger than Will Rogers. The Native American was born and grew up in what is present-day Claremore. One of the best attractions in all of Oklahoma is the Will Rogers Memorial Museum. There are tons of pictures, letters, and different things Rogers would use as a kid growing up in Claremore. Another fantastic museum in Claremore is the J.M Davis Arms and Historical Museum. Anyone who has a passion for old guns is going to spend hours walking around and seeing some arms of the past. The outdoors of Claremore can be explored through Claremore Lake and the Claremore Mountain Bike Trails. After a long day of activities, make sure to lay your head down at the Country Inn Cottage and Farm!


Scenic view of Lake Veteran on a beautiful day at Sulphur, Oklahoma.
Scenic view of Lake Veteran on a beautiful day at Sulphur, Oklahoma. 

Sulphur is home to some of the best outdoor and recreation areas in all of Oklahoma. The Chickasaw National Recreation Area is home to hiking, biking, picnic areas, and a wonderful creek to explore and disconnect from the outside world. Another place for outdoor lovers is Veterans Lake; taking part in some fishing and enjoying the soothing sound of the water will make anyone lose track of time after spending a few hours there. The Chickasaw Cultural Center has amazing artifacts from one of Oklahoma's most prominent tribes. Adults can take a trip over to Artesian Hotel and Casino to try and take home a jackpot after a memorable trip with the family. Echo Canyon Spa Resort is the perfect way to feel spoiled and lay down after a full day of activities. 


Historical buildings in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.
Historical buildings in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

Bartlesville was once the center of Oklahoma's economy, thanks to the oil production the town has had over its history. The Phillips Petroleum Company Museum is the ideal way to learn about the history of oil in Bartlesville and the company at the head of it. Price Tower is the tallest structure in Bartlesville and is where anyone can explore the history of the economy in Bartlesville. The Woolaroc Museum and Wildlife Preserve is where families should go to see different animals native to this area of Oklahoma. Another perfect place for families to spend the day is Kiddie Park, where even the adults can meet new people. After the day is done, make sure to catch up on sleep at the Hotel Phillips. 


Route 66 Famous Round Barn in Arcadia, Oklahoma.
Route 66 Famous Round Barn in Arcadia, Oklahoma.

Every year, millions of people take a road trip on the historic Route 66. One of the amazing small towns on this adventure is Arcadia. The Old Round Barn lets travelers know they've officially hit Arcadia and is a wonderful place to step out and take pictures in front of. Take some time to explore the gift shop and learn all about Arcadia's history, perhaps purchase a souvenir to remember the trip by! OK County 66 - John's Place has some of the most antique cars and signs on all of Route 66 to check out. Stopping at Pop's Restaurant for food before getting back on the road for the trip is a must in Arcadia. 

Broken Bow

The beautiful Broken Bow Lake in Oklahoma.
The beautiful Broken Bow Lake in Oklahoma.

Anyone looking to spend time relaxing next to a lake should explore Broken Bow Lake, one of the largest in all of Oklahoma. The hiking, biking, and fishing at Broken Bow Lake are truly second to none in the Sooner State. The Forest Heritage Center Museum is perfect for history buffs to visit. This museum tells the early story of logging and living off the land in Oklahoma. Beavers Bend is home to a lake, resort, and brewery that any person would appreciate. The lake and resort park hold great recreational activities including camping, while the brewery is the ideal spot for relaxing after a long day of fun. 

Pauls Valley

Ruins of a train platform in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma.
Ruins of a train platform in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma.

There are not a lot of cooler places in the world than the Toy and Action Figure Museum in Pauls Valley. Regardless of age, anyone can be brought back to childhood with the vintage toys this museum has on display. The Santa Fe Depot is another museum history geeks will enjoy with their antique display that pays homage to the mining, agriculture, and small-town history Pauls Valley has. Hot summer days call for a trip to Pauls Valley Waterpark and bringing the furry member of any family to Pauls Valley Dog Park for a day of fun and relaxation. When the activities are done, hit the pillow at Kent's Motel for an authentic feel. 


Scenic view of historic downtown Eufaula
Scenic view of historic downtown Eufaula. Image credit: JNix via Shutterstock.

Outdoorsy people should add Eufaula to their list of places to visit purely because of Lake Eufaula. This is the largest lake in all of Oklahoma. It is also one of the most visited attractions in all of Oklahoma, thanks to its 102,000-acre size. There are plenty of fish to catch, areas to take a kayak out on, and picnic areas to relax at. This isn't the only attraction in Eufaula, though. Our Favorite Place is a gift shop with dozens of gifts and crafts unique to Oklahoma. Chuck's Bar and Grill is a great place to cap off a fantastic day spent outside while walking around Main Street in Eufaula!

Oklahoma is one of the must-visit states thanks to the hospitable nature that lies in small towns. Whether it is visiting the Toy and Action Figure Museum in Pauls Valley or the Will Rogers Memorial Museum in Claremore, the Sooner State has something for everyone, with kind residents making these towns feel like home. The outdoor parks and picnic areas are perfect for disconnecting and taking in the beautiful natural surroundings. These small towns are a dream for anyone who is visiting Oklahoma!

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