Lake George, New York.

7 Senior-Friendly Towns In The Adirondack Mountains

Although its winters can be frustratingly long, the best side to living in the Adirondack Mountains includes a tranquil atmosphere, safe and quiet neighborhoods, a slow-paced scene, beautiful scenery, and lots lots of outdoor activities, including hunting, fishing, hiking, and of course, swimming. The region offers everything seniors need for a healthy and happy living. Besides, towns in the Adirondacks are mostly small, which means one can know most of the folks in the neighborhood and relate on a first-name basis. Discover below seven Adirondacks towns that are noted for being senior-friendly.

Saratoga Springs

Downtown Saratoga Springs, New York
Downtown Saratoga Springs, New York. Editorial credit: Brian Logan Photography /

Saratoga Springs, tucked away about 190 miles from New York City, is mostly known for natural mineral springs and, hence, has been called “the Queen of the Spas.” Here’s the place, therefore, to get frequent Swedish Massages, salt scrubs, jet baths, or facials — all on a whim. If a retiree is under the weather, Saratoga Hospital, established in 1991, has been recognized with the Outstanding Patient Experience Award. Saratoga Springs’s median age is 41, and residents aged 60 and above comprise about 29% of the population. In May 2024, the median listing home price in Saratoga Springs, New York, was $770,000. This price point comes with being less than 2 hours from most of the Adirondack Park, next to Saratoga Lake, and at the doorstep of Saratoga Spa State Park, which, aside from bubbling spring water, features a farmers market, theatre, and golf course.,

Keene Valley

Keene Valley, New York
Hiking trail in the Johns Brook area of the Keene Valley, New York.

Although often passed by for Lake Placid and home to just about 1,000 residents, Keene Valley packs a punch. A nature lover will have a blast exploring the historic Adirondack Trails, many of which begin or meander through the town, enjoying corned beef at Noon Mark Diner — and fishing in the Ausable River, the second-steepest river in New York. Keene Valley is home to some good eateries that a retiree can dash to when craving something to bite and does not feel like cooking. On health care access, Adirondack Medical Center, just a 20-minute drive, is a 2024 recipient of the Outstanding Patient Experience Award. Although Realtor does not show Keene Valley’s current housing market trends, the listing prices should mirror those in the sister town of Keene, which boasts a median listing price of $637,000.

Lake Placid

A panoramic view of Mirror Lake in Lake Placid, New York
A panoramic view of Mirror Lake in Lake Placid, New York.

A retiree will love Lake Placid’s tranquil environment, relaxing air, and safe and welcoming neighborhoods. Besides, the beaches here are incredibly pretty, so a retiree will want to frequently just sit by the lake with a good book — or rest and let time roll. Residents here are mostly kind and helpful; hence, a first-time resident will quickly feel like a part of the family. A retiree here is at the doorstep of the award-winning Adirondack Medical Center, Lake Placid Airport, Lake Placid Club ( it is a nice venue for an afternoon round of golf), Lake Placid Olympic Museum, and several glimmering lakes, including Mirror Lake, Lake Placid, and East Lake. In May 2024, the median listing home price in Lake Placid, NY was $759,900 while the town’s median age is 41, a lovely blend of the young and the old.


Aerial view of Plattsburgh, New York.
Aerial view of Plattsburgh, New York.

Plattsburgh is sandwiched between two outdoor marvels: the great Adirondack Park and the scenic Lake Champlain. A retiree will have access to Plattsburgh International Airport, which features a long and growing list of airlines and destinations. Saranac River meanders through the town and is a good venue for catching salmon and other fish species. That said, affordability could be Plattsburg’s most likable feature. Homes in the town fetch a median listing price of just $275,000. Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital, right in town, is a 2022 Vascular Surgery Excellence Award recipient. Finally, Plattsburgh is the main commercial hub for the northern Adirondack Mountains, meaning a retiree here will have access to a more vibrant shopping scene and big-city amenities.

Glens Falls

The charming downtown of Glen Falls, New York.
The charming downtown of Glen Falls, New York. Image credit: Doug Kerr via

There are many reasons a retiree will love living in Glens Falls, which is big enough to not be boring — and small enough for an enticing small-town feel. Glens Falls is relatively walkable, meaning a retiree can accomplish most errands on foot. It has a has a Walk Score of 89 out of 100. Also, it is easy to get to Lake George, which is 15 minutes down the road — and Saratoga Springs, which is 22 minutes away. Even Albany, the capital and oldest city in the state, is less than an hour’s drive. Residents have access to numerous hospitals and store options, many of which are within 1 to 5 miles of town. An empty nester should brace herself for annual festivals like LARAC, one of the premier summer events in the southern Adirondack Region. On the flip side, outdoor venues here include the Hudson River, Harry J. Betar Jr. Recreational Park, and Glen Lake. Considering what it offers, it is hard to believe that in May 2024, the median listing home price in Glens Falls, New York, was just $259,900.

Saranac Lake

Aerial view of Saranac Lake in fall.
Aerial view of Saranac Lake in fall.

Compared to other towns in the area — or even the state, Saranac Lake provides almost unparalleled access to nature. Retirees in Saranac Lake, once a world-famous health resort and center for scientific research, will have a blast skiing, paddling, swimming, rock climbing, and hiking. Just being outside is so amazing here. But that is just part of the story. Saranac Lake is stunningly beautiful and filled with unique shops, chic boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants for any palate. Moreover, one will be about two hours from Montreal, Canada’s second-largest city. The Adirondack Regional Airport is a heartbeat away in Lake Clear, meaning one can hop on a plane and get to New York City or Boston in minutes. For those who have dreamt of retiring on the water, Saranac Lake is hard to beat. Residents here have access to Lake Flower, Lake Colby, Lower Saranac Lake, Saranac River, and Moody Pond. The median listing home price in Saranac Lake, New York, was $575,000 in May 2024. This price point comes with being at the doorstep of Adirondack Medical Center, which won the 2024 Outstanding Patient Experience Award.

Lake George

The beautiful Lake George in New York.
The beautiful Lake George in New York.

Lake George lies on the southern border of the lake that lends it its name — also known as the "Queen of the American Lakes." A retiree here will have a world of outdoor attractions at her doorstep, including the aptly named Million Dollar Beach, Buck Mountain Hiking Trail, and Warren County Bikeway, a serene space with lots of history. Once in a while, a retiree will want to visit the historic Fort William Henry and relive the history, sights, and sounds of the fort during the French & Indian War. A range of restaurants, bars, and breweries offer a chance to socialize and link up with fellow empty nesters. The median listing home price in Lake George, New York, was $569,500 in May 2024. If you are worried about healthcare access, Glens Falls Hospital — while not in town — is just 20 minutes down the road.

The Takeaway

Do not shrug it off. The Adirondacks, one of America’s most beautiful regions, offers plenty of outdoor attractions, some of which are among the most awe-inspiring in the country. We are talking about one of the few true wilderness areas left east of the Mississippi. Once in a while, a retiree will spend a weekend in a rustic cabin by a shimmering lake — or hit up scenic trails that traverse the waist of a rugged mountain. For specific recommendations, the seven senior-friendly towns in the Adirondacks are the best for seniors to spend a good time with friends and family.

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