Main street with it's turn of the century brick buildings in the historic mining town of Wallace, Idaho. Editorial credit: Kirk Fisher /

7 of the Most Charming Towns in Idaho

In the northwestern U.S., Idaho is a lovely state that is worth exploring. Travelers needing to get out and wander around somewhere new for their next itinerary may find that these towns deliver on their promise of commercial and natural or historical beauty. With an abundance of vibrant communities and lots of cool and exciting splendors to remember for a lifetime, these charming towns will leave a smile on anyone's face!


Victorian buildings in Historic Wallace Idaho, USA. Editorial credit: David Buzzard /
Victorian buildings in Historic Wallace, Idaho, USA. Editorial credit: David Buzzard /

A cozy and charming town with 837 locals, Wallace has commercial and historical comfort all around. The Oasis Bordello Museum lends perspective to the 1980s with its charming tours of foundational business relics and old-day grocery furnishings. The Wallace District Mining Museum also has some interesting history related to the 1950s and features gold production exhibits that capture the essence of the early gold rush days! Hikers who love being outdoors may find that Pulaski Tunnel Trail offers lots of tranquility within two miles of creek overlooks and green forestry through a cool ravine.

One can enjoy hearty company and charming locals at Wallace Brewing Company while sipping on some of the most historic beers around! Those with a penchant for shopping can check out Johnson's Gems for collectible minerals and rocks as well as outgoing owners. Travelers who want even more crowd amusement can visit Metals Bar for cultural events and charming cocktail conversations.


Street view with quaint buildings and cars traveling in Driggs. Editorial credit: RaksyBH /
Street view with quaint buildings and cars traveling in Driggs. Editorial credit: RaksyBH /

A small town of 2,351 residents, Driggs is quite a charming destination for travelers. Those who love charming boat tours can check out Teton River Supply's services for scenic views of Teton Valley and family-friendly riverside enjoyment. The Links at Teton Peaks is a grand golf course full of gorgeous orange skies and farmland relaxation that makes anyone feel right at home! For even more scenery in town, Teton Valley Lodge provides amazing fly fishing lodge architecture and charming bankside Teton River sights.

Romantic and charming tourists may love the Spud Drive-In Theater, a must-visit for classic entertainment and 1950s vintage camping that draws in people from all walks of life! At Grand Teton Distillery, award-winning bourbon and whiskey may bring out the best of both tourists and residents who crave quality brews and friendly craft beer workshops. The Royal Wolf has American cuisine coupled with a conversational pool table area for hangouts and charming locals all around.


Lemhi County Courthouse in Salmon, Idaho. In Wikipedia.,_Idaho By John Stanton -, CC BY-SA 3.0,
Lemhi County Courthouse in Salmon, Idaho. In Wikipedia. By John Stanton, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikipedia

A laidback town of 3,320 inhabitants, Salmon provides easygoing tourism and lots of charm. The Sacajawea Interpretive, Cultural, and Educational Center is a primary stop for history buffs in town who love to absorb downtown tradition knowledge and Lewis and Clark Expedition foundations. At Lemhi County Historical Museum, visitors can observe charming artifacts that were once part of the integral rural community that made ranching come to life in this town!

Those who crave outdoor adventures can take on rafting tours at Idaho River Journeys, a great locale where it is easy for tourists to fall in love with the Salmon River's whitewater beauty. Goldbug Hot Springs has a bunch of social locals and hidden waterfall caves that will attract anyone new to town who may like to conversate while experiencing nature up close. For hungry stomachs, The Shady Nook offers delicious trout dishes, while Last Chance Pizza has excellent pizza dining and dog-friendly patio charm!

Sun Valley

Sun Valley, Idaho, in the winter.
Sun Valley, Idaho, in the winter.

A charming resort town with 1,784 residents, Sun Valley is an enchanting destination for those who love snow activities and commercial pleasures. The Sun Valley Stables has equal amounts of Wild West horseback enjoyment and charming stables within a lovely wildflower ranch. Bald Mountain is every nature lover's best stop in town for stunning hiking trails across the mountains and large-scale trails that end with a scenic vista view!

The Opera House in town is a classic and charming locale that is often praised for its amazing indoor performances and 1930s ambiance that makes for a memorable return trip! Modern shopping charm can be found at Sun Valley Outfitters, a hotspot for fly fishing equipment and friendly locals who love sharing camping ideas with newcomers of all types. Sun Valley Lodge has some of the most charming and breathtaking cottage vibes around for those who choose to stick around in town!


Classic building fronts in a McCall, Idaho. Editorial credit: Charles Knowles /
Classic building fronts in McCall, Idaho. Editorial credit: Charles Knowles /

A small town located on the southern shoreline of Payette Lake, McCall is home to just under 4,000 locals. McCall Lake Cruises offers a charming itinerary for tourists with its cruise vessels that take visitors around all of Payette Lake with gorgeous blue waters and private sunlit decks. Brundage Mountain Resort brings out the best of town with its snowy mountain trails and charming snowfall photography that would bring anyone back for more.

At Manchester Ice Rink, one can find both ice-skating vibrance and charming figure skaters who love to reel in newcomers. Mountain Monet is a popular spot for creative indoor family activities, delightful mosaics, and welcoming pottery art workshops. For small gifts and cozy souvenir shopping, one may enjoy 44 Degrees North, a nice detour for anyone needing cute trinkets and friendly faces to chat with. Travelers can grab a bite at Pueblo Lindo, an authentic and charming Mexican diner that serves appetizing taco salads and chimichangas!


Aerial shot of University of Idaho. Moscow, Idaho.
Aerial shot of the University of Idaho. Moscow, Idaho.

A small town bordering the state of Washington, Moscow is home to 26,677 residents. The Arboretum & Botanical Garden is a common spot for tourists who love guided tours on botanical forests, charming pink flowerbeds, and shrubbery solitude. The Appaloosa Museum & Heritage Center has historical and cultural significance related to the Appaloosa and Nez Perce Indian tribes. For fans of Victorian-era charm, the McConnell Mansion has 1880s Queen Anne and Eastlake architecture with some of the most historic tea rooms in town!

Travelers needing less history and more commercial enjoyment can swim around at Hamilton-Lowe Aquatics Center, a frequented tourist spot for seasonal summer friendliness and charming play areas that bring out the best of child-oriented itineraries. Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre has in-house cinema shows and arts venues that make it easy to fall in love with Moscow's downtown locales. Fancy and charming dining can be found at Lodgepole, a cocktail lover's favorite spot for classy drinks and cultured patio scenery.

Post Falls

View of the Spokane River as it runs under the Centennial Trail Bridge at the border of Post Falls, Idaho. Editorial credit: Kirk Fisher /
View of the Spokane River as it runs under the Centennial Trail Bridge at the border of Post Falls, Idaho. Editorial credit: Kirk Fisher /

An attractive small town of 46,646 locals, Post Falls is a wonderful destination for any nature-driven explorer. Q'emiln Park is a swimming beach that has the coolest barbecue events and a 40-acre trail system that is perfect for casual and seasoned travelers. Both Corbin Park and Falls Park offer Spokane River charm and pretty sunsets, not to mention hidden gems like dam waterfalls! For those who prefer adding some history to their adventures, Treaty Rock Park is a historic 1870s landmark that includes Wild West hiking routes and stone inscription scenery.

At the Jacklin Arts & Cultural Center, visitors can expect to find community artist experiences within a charming venue that stands out as a lovely spectacle! The warm and comfortable ambiance at Selkirk Abbey Brewing is guaranteed to bring out some happy moments for newcomers who want to feel included in fireplace conversations. White House Grill has the best Mediterranean salads around, while the Fu-Ki Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar is a top-notch Japanese diner with the most charming staff and spiciest sushi meals!

These small towns portray the most charm one may find when touring around the northwestern region. Having so many astounding locales and stunning landmarks to consider in the "Gem State," it is no surprise that travelers often want to visit and experience all there is to offer. With mountainous landscapes and amazing communities to interact with, Idaho has nothing short of beauty and charm!

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