New Orleans, Louisiana.

11 Most Beautiful Cities In Louisiana

Louisiana is one of the most unique regions on earth. Being the entryway from the Gulf of Mexico to the Mississippi River, Louisiana and especially New Orleans served as an important hub for the indigenous peoples of the area. Louisiana was also vital in terms of trade for colonial forces like the Spanish, French, and British. Today, despite struggles like Hurricane Katrina which devastated much of the state, Louisiana and its people remain resilient. Louisiana is a historically and culturally rich state with low housing costs, a host of attractions, and beautiful cities that will be unforgettable for anyone who visits!

New Orleans

Pubs and bars with neon lights in the French Quarter, New Orleans
 The French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana.

New Orleans is one of the most unique cities in the world, sitting near the mouth of the Mississippi and surrounded by the Caribbean. Its proximity to many other regions, including Mexico, made New Orleans a melting pot of French, West African, Indigenous Chitimacha, Spanish, Caribbean, Filipino, and Latin American cultures. This diverse mix of cultures eventually cultivated their own such as Cajun (descendants of the Acadian Expulsion), Creole (descendants of enslaved Africans, Indigenous and French peoples), and many other unique cultures you cannot find anywhere else in the world! New Orleans is home to famous attractions such as Bourbon St, the home of Voodoo Priestess Marie Laveau, Mardi Gras, and the French Quarter. New Orleans ranked high for friendliness, LGBT-friendliness, bed and breakfasts, and ethnic food.

Baton Rouge

Aerial photo Downtown Baton Rouge Louisiana
 Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Baton Rouge is the second largest city in the US southern state of Louisiana and the state capital. With attractions like LSU Tiger Stadium, Mike the Tigers habitat, Louisiana State Museum, Baton Rouge Zoo, Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center, and the Louisiana Art & Science Museum, you are unlikely to get bored in this exciting city! Like New Orleans, Baton Rouge is home to a plethora of unique cultures, notably Creole, Cajun, French, and African-American which brings a grand selection of delicious foods from Soulfood to Cajun to Louisiana Style Seafood, French, and more. Baton Rouge also offers affordable housing, and many universities such as Louisiana State University, and Southern University (the largest and second-oldest historically black university in Louisiana), definitely an exceptional option if you are planning a trip to Louisiana.


Shreveport, Louisiana and the Red River at dusk.
Shreveport, Louisiana, and the Red River.

Shreveport is an exciting mid-size city in the southern state of Louisiana. Thanks to affordable housing, 23% lower than the national average, sleep accommodations will not break the bank! Downtown Shreveport features an iconic 350,000-square-foot convention center with a Hilton hotel attached to it. Shreveport is also home to Louisiana Tech University, Louisiana Baptist University, and Remington College. Thanks to Shreveport's historically diverse population, there are plenty of cultural attractions with R.W. Norton Art Gallery, Sci-Port Discovery Center, Shreveport Water Works Museum, Jubilee Zoo, The Strand Theatre, Artspace, Mall St. Vincent, and much more! Make sure to give Shreveport a visit if you are planning a trip to Louisiana.


Lafayette is a small City in the State of Louisiana
Lafayette, Louisiana.

With a population of 121,771 people, loads of interesting history, and architecture that carries former centuries into the modern day, and loads to do, Lafayette is great to visit when you are in the amazing state of Louisiana! The history of Lafayette is well demonstrated with a plethora of cultural attractions, museums, and historical buildings. One stunning attraction is the Lafayette Museum, also known as the Alexandre Mouton House, home to 1800s furnishings. Other magnificent attractions include Vermilionville which gives tourists a look into the life of Acadian refugees from the Acadian Expulsion of the 1800s who settled in Louisiana. This attraction includes a restaurant serving Cajun and Creole food, meticulously recreated period homes, and costumed staff demonstrating arts and crafts. For amazing cultural experiences, Lafayette is a wonderful option!

Bossier City

Fountains and stores at night at Louisiana Boardwalk Mall with Shreveport Skyline in background
Bossier City, Louisiana. Image credit Donna Chance Hall via Shutterstock

Across the Red River from the flashy city of Shreveport, Bossier City is a lovely option for a fun night out! Originally inhabited by the Caddo indigenous Nation, Bossier City is now part of the Shreveport-Bossier City census region and home to 72,701 people. Some great attractions in the region include The Margaritaville Resort Casino, an island-style casino that is very popular in the region. Other sights include the Shreveport Aquarium, the Louisiana Boardwalk with a tracker boat area, the Louisiana Downs Casino and Racetrack, the Red River National Wildlife Refuge, home to many indigenous animal species in the area, and the wonderful Mardi Gras Museum.

Lake Charles

Aerial drone image of Lake Charles Louisiana
Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Lake Charles is a small city home to Cajun and Texan influences sure to please those who visit! Offering the fun of large-scale city entertainment yet also the natural beauty of the Louisiana landscape, you may regret skipping over this town. Crawfish, fun downtown, casino resorts, and the great outdoors; visitors will have a blast. For those looking for the excitement of nightlife, Lake Charles is set to impress with a bustling downtown featuring lovely bars, grills, and clubs like Blue Martini Lounge and many others! Not feeling nightlife and into the great outdoors? Lake Charles also features watersports, golf, crabbing, and shrimping, as well as beautiful parks and beaches. Ensure you do not skip over this lovely town packed with fun!


Cypress Trees In The Louisiana Henderson Swamp On A Cloudy Day
Louisiana Henderson Swamp.

Considered to be the best camping in Louisiana, Henderson is a beautiful small town great for an outdoor retreat. With a small diverse population of around 1,600, Henderson is small yet mighty in the face of tourism! Taking great pride in the town's cajun culture and amazing restaurants, if visitors are looking to camp somewhere for the night and enjoy a bite to eat of delicious Cajun food, look no further than quaint yet entertaining Henderson. Some great options are Cajun Palms RV Resort, a luxurious resort with euphoric lights and gorgeous hotel rooms, great if you are heading to Breaux Bridge. Looking for a restaurant with a rating of five stars that offers delicious seafood? Look no further than the lovely Colette's Seafood and Pat's Fisherman's Wharf Restaurant. A hidden gem; visitors will love this small town.


light trails at the Minor Basilica in Natchitoches Louisiana
Minor Basilica in Natchitoches, Louisiana.

Named after the indigenous Natchitoches peoples of the region, Natchitoches is home to around 17,000 people. The city has a National Historic Landmark District that includes French Creole townhouses, perfect for those looking to learn more about Creole and Cajun culture. Discovered by the French-Canadian explorer, Louis Juchereau de St. Denis, Natchitoches is ideal for history lovers. It is home to the oldest general store in Louisiana called Kaffie-Frederick, Inc., General Mercantile, located on Front Street! A popular tourist location is The Cane River National Heritage Area which is a 116,000-acre area that includes various sites such as Magnolia Plantation, Kate Chopin House, Cherokee Plantation, Cane River Heritage Scenic Byway, Fort St. Jean Baptiste State Historic Site, Oakland Plantation, Melrose Plantation, Badiàn-Roque House, and Los Adaes State Historic Site.


Fontainebleau State Park, Mandeville, Louisiana
Fontainebleau State Park, Mandeville, Louisiana. Image credit Wirestock Creators via Shutterstock

Situated in St. Tammany Parish; Mandeville is a town of about 13,000 people, packed with natural beauty thanks to the gorgeous natural landscape of Lousiana. The town also offers various parks, a low cost of living, The Children's Museum of St. Tammany, and the 30 by Ninety Theatre. Founded in 1834 by Bernard Xavier de Marigny de Mandeville, born in 1785, Mandeville is a historic town. Paired with the stunning offerings of nature this town makes for a great stop to enjoy its lovely attractions. Notable nature parks include The Fontainebleau State Park which has loads of trails, some of which allow the safe viewing of alligators!


Drone footage of the Pearl River Drawbridge, Slidell Louisiana
Pearl River Drawbridge, Slidell Louisiana.

Close to New Orleans, Slidell shares the cultural significance of New Orleans and the tranquility of a small town. With plenty of attractions and surrounded by nature, Slidell should be on the list of places to stop for visitors planning a trip to the gorgeous Bayou state of Louisiana. With a population of around 28,700, Slidell is a small yet promising city. For nature lovers, the city offers the gorgeous Camp Salmen Nature Park, home to the beauty offered by the Bayou, intriguing structures, and easy-to-walk winding trails. Other options for tourism include Slidell Little Theatre for performances, Fremaux Town Center for shopping excursions, and The Wine Garden.

Breaux Bridge

Lake Martin Swamp and white Egrets in spring near Breaux Bridge, Louisiana
Lake Martin Swamp near Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.

Known by its famous monicker of "Crawfish Capital of the World" Breaux Bridge is an amazing choice for a trip to Louisiana. The city offers a plethora of events and attractions with performances of Cajun music, the Crawfish Festival, Courier de Mardi Gras, cajun food, and loads of history. Founded in 1829 by the prominent Scholastique Picou Breaux, Breaux Bridge has a long and colorful history influenced by cajun, creole, African-American, and indigenous history! Whether you are a nature lover looking for a Cajun Country Swamp Tour or looking to grow your antique collection by shopping downtown, Breaux Bridge is unlikely to disappoint.

Louisiana is a historic and truly unique state unlike anywhere else in the world. Louisiana combines the cultures of the French, Spanish, West Africans, Haitians, Mexicans, Indigenous peoples, and Irish to create the Creole and Cajun cultures. Each of these cities provides a plethora of culture and attractions in addition to natural beauty. Whether it is the history, music, and food offered by The Birthplace of Jazz aka New Orleans, or the crawfish in Breaux Bridge, there is something for everyone. Ensure you have Louisiana on your bucket list!

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