Which Presidents Are From Vermont?

Calvin Coolidge in 1920 in Vermont.
Calvin Coolidge in 1920 in Vermont.

Vermont is a state in the New England region of the Northeastern United States. It is the 6th smallest state by land area and 2nd least populated among the 50 states of America. Vermont has claim to two presidents of the United States, namely Chester Allan Arthur and Calvin Coolidge. Both men were vice presidents before ascending to the presidency following the death of the sitting presidents.

Presidents from Vermont

Chester Allan Arthur - Early Life and Career

Chester A Arthur, an attorney, and a renowned politician became the 21st president of the US upon the demise of James A. Garfield in 1881. Chester was born on October 5th, 1829, in a village known as Fairfield to Malvina Stone and William Arthur. He was the fifth born among nine children. His father, a preacher, moved the family to different locations in New York where Chester grew up and went to school. He was a teacher before joining law school. Upon graduation from law school in 1854, he worked in Culverts firm. Chester was a lawyer who fought for civil rights. In 1859, Chester married Ellen Herndon and they had three children.

Political Life and Presidency

Chester was an activist and a diehard supporter of the Republican party in New York. During the presidential elections of 1880, he was selected to be the running mate of James Garfield. When elections were held, they beat the Democrats and were consequently sworn in on March 4th, 1881. However, on July 2nd of the same year, resident James Garfield was shot fatally. The president died on September 19th the same year leading to swearing in of his vice president Chester Allan Arthur as the 21st president. He did not seek to be reelected in the following general elections of 1884 due to health reasons. He handed over the presidency in March 4, 1885. He is remembered for reforms in the civil service, modernization of facilities in the navy, and sweeping away fraud in the Postal Service. He died on November 18, 1886, at the age of 57 one year after vacating the office.

Calvin Coolidge – Early Life and Career

Calvin was the 30th president of the United States from August 2nd, 1923, to March 4th, 1929. The practicing lawyer rose to be a governor, vice president, and eventually the president. He was the first born of the two children born to John Calvin Coolidge Senior and Victoria Josephine Moor. Born on July 4th, 1872, in Windsor County, Vermont, he attended the local academies before joining Amherst College. He was admitted to the bar as a county lawyer in 1897 before opening his own law firm in Northampton in 1898. In 1905, he married Grace Anna Goodhue and they had two children.

Political Life and Presidency

Calvin was actively involved in the politics of the Republican party where he actively campaigned for Willian McKinley. He held numerous political offices beginning with the member of the city committee, the city council of Northampton, the house of representatives, and the mayor of Northampton. He was the senator of Hampshire City before vying successfully for the position of the Governor of Massachusetts in 1918. In 1920, Coolidge was nominated the running mate for Warren G. Harding for the presidential seat. They won in the November 1920 elections and he became the vice president. On August 2nd, 1923, the president died unexpectedly, leading to Coolidge taking over as the president. He took the oath of office from his hometown in Vermont which was administered by his father. He was sworn in once more by Justice of the supreme court. He was elected again in 1924 as the president. During his tenure, America experienced economic prosperity. He was an accessible president and developed the radio and film sector. He died on January 5th, 1933, due to coronary thrombosis.

Presidential Succession in Case of Death

In instances where a sitting president of the US is deceased, the vice president takes over as the president. The Speaker of the House of Representatives comes second in the list of successors to presidency followed by the president of the Senate pro tempore.

Which Presidents Are From Vermont?

RankPresidentIn Office
1Chester A. Arthuer1881-1885
2Calvin Coolidge1923-1929

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