What Are the Carpathian Countries of Europe?

The Carpathian Mountains is the second-longest mountain range in Europe.

The Carpathian countries are states that share the Carpathians mountain range. The Carpathian is a 932-mile arc-shaped mountain range that extends across Eastern and Central Europe. It is the second longest mountain range on the continent after the 1,056 miles-long Scandinavian Mountains. Carpathian countries are divided into three; Western Carpathians. Eastern Carpathians and the Southern Carpathians. The Carpathian countries host a third of the plant species and the largest population of wolves, chamois, and brown bears in Europe. The mountain range is also a source of mineral and thermal water, a third of which is in Romania. The fifteen highest peaks of the Carpathian are all located in Slovakia.

Regions of the Carpathian Countries of Europe

Western Carpathians

The Western Carpathians region comprises of countries that are located on the western part of the mountain range. This includes Hungary, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Important cities close to the mountain range are Austria’s capital Vienna, the second largest Polish city of Krakow, and the Slovakia's capital Bratislava. The highest peak in the region is the Gerlachovsky Stit in Slovakia at 7,726 ft. Other peaks of the Western Carpathian countries are Rysy in Poland, Lysá Hora in the Czech Republic, and Kékes in Hungary.

Eastern Carpathians

The Eastern Carpathians consists of Romania, Ukraine, eastern Slovakia and southeastern Poland. These regions occupy the Eastern side of the mountain range. Important cities in the Eastern Carpathians include Cluj-Napoca in Romania and Chernivtsi in Ukraine. The highest peak is the Moldoveanu in Romania while the Hoverla Peak in Ukraine has a height of 6,762 ft.

Southern Carpathians

The Southern Carpathians consist of southern Romania and Serbia. Romania encompasses both the eastern and southern parts of the mountain range unlike that Serbia encompasses the southern stretch only. The highest peak of the Carpathians is Beljanica in Serbia and Moldoveanu in Romania. The Serbian city of Vrsac is among the important cities in the Southern Carpathians.

The Economy of the Carpathians Regions

Each state of the Carpathian countries has its key economic sectors, but the regions surrounding the Carpathian region is dominated by agriculture and forestry. Wheat, oats, rye, and potatoes are grown on the northern slopes while corn, tobacco, grapes, and sugar beets grow better in the southern slopes. The Transylvanian Plateau is rich in natural gas while the Romanian sub-Carpathians are a key source of oil. Western Carpathians notably the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia produce brown coal. Tourism also contributes significantly to the economy of the region especially Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, and Poland.

Which Are the Carpathian Countries of Europe?

RankWestern CarpathiansEastern CarpathiansSouthern Carpathians
1Austriasoutheastern PolandSerbia
2Czech Republiceastern SlovakiaRomania

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