Where Is The Tatra Mountain Range Located?

The Tatra mountain range is located along the Slovak-Polish border in Europe.
The Tatra mountain range is located along the Slovak-Polish border in Europe.

A mountain range is a closely related group of mountains joined together by high regions. Mountain ranges usually form as a result of the earth's tectonic plates colliding into each other. Mountain ranges are present on all of the world's continents. The Tatra mountain range is located along the Slovak-Polish border in Europe.

Geography of the Range

The Tatra mountain range covers an area of roughly 303 square miles the largest part of which is located in Slovakia. The mountain range's length when measured along the central ridge, running from Huty village on the west to Zdiar on the east, is approximately 50 miles long. The area of the range within Slovakia's borders is approximately 236 square miles and includes the tallest peak within the range, Gerlach, which rises to a height of about 8,710 feet. Rysy is the highest point of the Tatra range within Poland's boundary at an elevation of approximately 8,200 feet.

Border Disputes

During the region's history, the mountain range has formed the border between the First Polish Republic and the Kingdom of Hungary. In 1770, an Austrian army invaded territory held by Poland under the pretext of safeguarding their nation from the plague. In 1902, an international court decided on a case to establish the boundary around the mountain range. Poland and Czechoslovakia were also involved in a dispute after their formation. Poland claimed more territory within the Tatra mountain range which led to an escalation of the border conflict. In 1925, the two states entered into a treaty through the assistance of the League of Nations. The agreement maintained the position of the border within the mountain range although during World War II both nations attempted to annex more territory within the range. A treaty signed in 1958 maintained the validity of the boundaries established in 1925.


The mountain range is a famous tourist attraction as it attracts tourist and climbers looking to scale its peaks. Interest in the region is mainly due to a book that Daniel Speer wrote in 1683 in which he detailed adventures within the mountain range. The most challenging range to tackle on the range is the Orla Perc trail. Franciszek Nowicki was responsible for establishing the trail as he envisioned it in 1901 leading to its construction from 1903 to 1906. The path has been the sight of more than 100 deaths since its creation. Polish trails along the mountain are open throughout the year while Slovak trails are closed from the beginning of November to mid-June.

Importance of Mountain Ranges

Mountain ranges are an inherent part of the geography of most continents and play an integral role in determining the climate of a region. Mountain ranges may also contain vital minerals which when extracted can earn a nation vast sums of money. Tourists also visit mountain ranges increasing their economic significance.


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