Where Are The Julian Alps?

The Julian Alps in Slovenia.
The Julian Alps in Slovenia.

The Julian Alps are a mountain range located at the eastern age of the Alpine Mountains between the Canale and Sava Valleys in Italy and Slovenia. The highest peak of the Julian Alps is Mount Triglav in Slovenia at 9,395.2 ft while the second highest is Jôf di Montasio at 9,029 ft. The Julian Alps are named after Julius Caesar who established the municipality of Cividale del Friuli at the base of the Alps. The mountains extend over 1,700 square miles, of which 596 square miles are in Italy. 

The Highest Peaks in the Julian Alps


Triglav is the highest of the Julian Alps with at an elevation of 9,395 feet. It is also the highest in Slovenia. Triglav was also the highest peak in the former Yugoslavia. The mountain is a symbol of the Slovene nation and the major attraction at the Triglav National Park; the country's only park. The glacier just below the summit on the northeastern section of the mountain has shrunk from over 40 hectares in the 19th century to just 3 hectares due to global warming. The peak's distinctive shape features in the country's coat of arm and flag.

Jôf di Montasio

Jôf di Montasio is the highest peak with an elevation of 9,029 feet. It is located in Udine Province, northeastern Italy. The mountain is popular among adventure seekers especially bikers and hikers. Since the ancient times, the rocks of the mountains formed a natural boundary between the Venetian Domini di Terraferma and the Imperial Duchy of Carinthia. During the Second World War, the mountains prevented a frontal attack of Italy by the Austro-Hungarian Army.


Škrlatica peak rises to about 8,990 ft making it the third highest in the Julian Alps and the second highest in Slovenia. The mountain's name was derived from the feminine form of Slovene word "škrlat" referring to the reddish purple appearance of the northwestern face of the mountain during sunset. In August 1880, Julius Kugy became the first recorded person to ascend the peak.


Mangart Mountain rises to an elevation of 8,789 feet. It is located on the border between Slovenia and Italy. The mountain shares the name with a smaller mountain range located within the Mangart and Koritnica Valleys.

The Alps

The Julian Alps are the western arm of the Alpine mountain range. The Alps is the highest mountain range in Europe as well as the most extensive stretching across eight countries from France to Slovenia. The Julian Alps are divided into the Western Alps in Italy and the Eastern Alps in Slovenia.


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