What Is The Capital Of Bahrain?

Manama grew to be one of the Persian Gulf’s most important port cities.
Manama grew to be one of the Persian Gulf’s most important port cities.

Where Is Bahrain?

The island nation of Bahrain is located on the Persian Gulf. The Bahrain Island is the main island in the archipelago and is surrounded by smaller islands. The Bahrain Island is linked to Saudi Arabia via the King Fahd Causeway. Bahrain has a total size of 765.3 square km. It is the third smallest country in Asia in terms of size. The country hosts a population of around 1,234,571 of which a significant section comprises of non-nationals.

What Type of Government Does Bahrain Have?

Bahrain is a constitutional monarchy. Here, the King of Bahrain appoints the Prime Minister and other ministers that form the executive wing of the government. The King also appoints the upper house members of Bahrain’s bicameral legislature. The lower house members are elected but the house can be dissolved by the King. The King also chairs the Higher Judicial Council.

What Is the Capital of Bahrain?

Manama is Bahrain’s capital city. With an area of 27 square km and a population of around 157,474, it is also the largest city in the country. Manama has a population density of 5,200 individuals per square km. Manama is part of a small peninsula in Bahrain’s north-eastern corner. The area in and around the city is generally flat and arid. An arid climate prevails in the region. There are great variances in the summer and winter temperatures in Manama.

History of Manama

Manama’s name finds mention in Islamic chronicles as far back as 1345. The city came under the control of the Portuguese in 1521. The Persians occupied the city in 1602. Since 1783, Manama has been under the rule of the Āl Khalīfah dynasty that is Bahrain’s current ruling dynasty. For a significant period in Bahrain’s history (1861 to 1914), the country was under British protection. Manama during this time served as the seat of a British political agent stationed in Bahrain to ensure that the protected status was mentioned. 

Role of Manama as the Capital of Bahrain

For a long time in its history, Manama’s economy was based on fishing, boatbuilding, pearling, etc. However, the discovery of petroleum in Bahrain in 1932 changed the fortune of the city. Manama soon flourished and became the center of trade and commerce in Bahrain. A port was developed in Manama and it grew into one of the Persian Gulf’s most important port cities. After Bahrain became independent in 1971, Manama became the capital city of the nation. As the capital city of Bahrain, Manama hosts the important government buildings, ministries, residences of top government officials, etc. It is also the financial, commercial, entertainment, and cultural hub of the nation.


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