What Is The Capital City Of Mozambique?

Maputo, the capital of Mozambique.
Maputo, the capital of Mozambique.

The Southeast African country of Mozambique encompasses an area of 801,590 square km and houses the population of around 28,829,476 inhabitants. The population density in Mozambique is 28.7 persons per square km. The country is bordered by Malawi and Zambia to the northwest and South Africa and Eswatini to the southwest. Tanzania and Zimbabwe are Mozambique’s neighbors to the north and west, respectively. The country has a coastline on the Indian Ocean to the east. The capital of Mozambique is Maputo.

What Type Of Government Does Mozambique Have?

Mozambique is a semi-presidential representative democratic republic. Here, the President of the nation acts as both the head of government and head of state. The executive branch of the government comprises of the President of Mozambique, the Prime Minister, and the Council of ministers. The legislative power is vested in both the Assembly of the Republic and the government. The judiciary comprises a Supreme Court as the highest court and other lower courts at different levels of administration.

What Is The Capital Of Mozambique?

 It is also the nation’s most populous city. Maputo has a total area of 346.77 square km. It has a population of around 1,101,170 and a population density of 3,200 individuals per square km.

Where Is Maputo Located?

Maputo is located on a natural bay on the Indian Ocean at the confluence point of four rivers. The Maputo province surrounds the city which is a separate province by itself. Maputo City is Mozambique’s smallest province by area but the most densely populated one. It is a port city with a commerce-based economy.

History Of Maputo

Settlement in the area of present-day Maputo initially began in the 1500’s as a fishing village. In 1781, the Portuguese established a fort in the area which was named Lourenço Marques after the navigator who had first explored the area in 1544. By 1850, a settlement that fit the description of a town had grown around the fort. In 1877, the town was elevated to the status of a city and in 1898, it became the capital of the Portuguese Mozambique colony. The city and its port continued to grow and flourish into the 20th century. Finally, it became the capital of the independent nation of Mozambique in 1975 upon Mozambican independence. It was then renamed Maputo.

Role Of Maputo As The Capital Of Mozambique

As the seat of the national government of Mozambique, Maputo houses all the important government offices, ministries, official residences, embassies, etc. The Parliament of the country meets here and the government operates from the city. Maputo is also a melting pot of many cultures and as such, hosts numerous cultural attractions and institutions. It has an economy that is centered around its port.


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