Which Countries Border Mozambique?

Mozambique's location within southeastern Africa.
Mozambique's location within southeastern Africa.

Mozambique is located on the Southeastern region of Africa. The country’s eastern border lies along the Indian Ocean. Mozambique has an expansive land territory covering up to 309,500 square miles. Despite its large area, the country only has a population of approximately 28.8 million people. For more than four centuries, running from the 16th century to the 20th century, Mozambique was a Portuguese colony. Although Mozambique has a wealth of natural resources, it is listed among the world’s poorest and undeveloped nations. Mozambique’s extensive border touches six neighboring countries: Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, South Africa, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe. The Southern African country of Mozambique maintains good relations with its neighbors and other foreign nations.

Mozambique’s Border With Tanzania

Mozambique shares its northern border with Tanzania. The border is estimated to be more than 497 miles long. For many years, Mozambique and Tanzania have maintained amicable ties. The two nations are strong trade partners. Mozambique exports to Tanzania machinery and surveying tools while Tanzania exports textiles, manufactured goods, and Tobacco to Mozambique. Most goods from the two countries are transported through Mtwara Port in Southern Tanzania. In 2010, Mozambique and Tanzania unveiled the Unity Bridge which provided a link between the two countries. The Bridge was constructed to improve trade between Mozambique and Tanzania. Mozambique has diplomatic representation in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Similarly, Tanzania has an embassy based in Maputo, Mozambique.

Mozambique’s Border With Zambia

Mozambique and Zambia share a border on the North Western side of Mozambique. They have been good neighbors since Mozambique attained its independence from the Portuguese. Over the years Zambia and Mozambique have increased cooperation in major sectors such as energy production, transport, communication systems, and agriculture. Zambia is Mozambique’s landlocked neighbor; as a result, Mozambique provides its northwestern neighbor with access to the Indian Ocean. Leaders in the two nations have had very warm relations in the past. Additionally, the two countries have a partnership and they provide support to researchers in their universities. The partnership aims to advance scientific research and improve technology in Mozambique and Zambia.

Mozambique’s Border With Malawi

The Mozambique-Malawi border is found on the Western side of Mozambique. A large part of the border is formed by the great Lake Nyasa which lies in both countries. Mozambique and Malawi have close relations. They have several shared natural resources along their border. Mozambique is an important neighbor to Malawi as it provides the latter with access to the Indian Ocean. During the civil war in Mozambique, Malawi gave shelter to numerous Mozambique citizens. Mozambican refugees continued to flow into Malawi as the war went on. Due to the big number of refugees, Malawi suffered a strain on its resources. As a result, conflict arose between the two neighboring states. Foreign aid to Malawi helped ease the situation. Citizens of the two countries often clash over resources, particularly at the border areas. However, authorities from both sides work hard to maintain good relations between the countries. Malawi and Mozambique have a few border crossing points along the border to prevent unregulated movement of people between the two countries.

Mozambique’s Border With South Africa

South Africa is a key partner to Mozambique. The Mozambique-South Africa border is situated on the southern side on Mozambique, and it is estimated to be 305 miles long. The Kingdom of Swaziland separates a small part of the border. The border has four official border stations which regulate the flow of goods and people between Mozambique and South Africa. The two countries have enjoyed warm ties for many decades. Official ties between the government of Mozambique and the government of South Africa began in 1923. The agreement was between colonial masters of the two nations. The agreement was on cooperation between Mozambique and South Africa in transport infrastructure, labor, and trade. During the apartheid, Mozambique provided a safe place for South Africans who escaped the strict policies in their country. Most white South Africans moved to Mozambique’s capital of Maputo. When civil war broke out in Mozambique, South Africa supported one of the fighting parties in Mozambique. South Africa also hosted many Mozambique citizens who flee from the war. Although South Africa has a more advanced economy and infrastructure, it still maintains its partnership with Mozambique.

Mozambique’s Border With Swaziland

Mozambique shares its border with the tiny nation of Swaziland. The Mozambique-Swaziland border is estimated to be 65 miles long, and the two countries have cordial relationship. Swaziland has rich natural deposits of mineral some of which it trades with Mozambique. Additionally, Mozambique exports some of its goods to Swaziland. Mozambique and Swaziland are members of the trade organization of Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA). Mozambique is one of the few countries that have their embassies in Swaziland. Similarly, Swaziland has its Embassy in Maputo, Mozambique.

Mozambique-Zimbabwe Border

Mozambique shares a border with its neighbor to the west of Zimbabwe. The Mozambique – Zimbabwe border is approximately 764 miles long. Many border crossings exist along the border. Mozambique has a strong partnership with Zimbabwe. It provides landlocked Zimbabwe with access to the Indian Ocean. Furthermore, most goods moving from the Mozambican port of Beira move through Zimbabwe to other countries in Africa. Zimbabwean traders often buy items in Mozambique and resell them in their home country.

Mozambique’s Relations With Other Foreign Nations

Mozambique maintains close ties with many foreign countries. Most of its partners are foreign donors who provide financial help to the poorly under developing country, and Canada is one of Mozambique’s important partner. Canada contributes towards many helpful causes in Mozambique such as women’s and girl’s health, good governance, and education. Mozambique and Canada are also trading partners. The United States is another important nation to Mozambique. Strong ties between the US and Mozambique began during the severe drought in 1991. The US provided Mozambique with much-needed food assistance. The relationship between the two countries has gradually grown stronger over the past two decades. Mozambique and the US have embassies in their respective countries.


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