What is Mossad?

The Mossad insignia.
The Mossad insignia.

Mossad is an Israel-based intelligence unit which mainly deals with special operations and secret intelligence. The organization was formed in 1949 at the recommendation of Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. Since its inception was not based on the country’s constitution, Mossad’s work is not bound by Israel’s laws. It is currently headed by Yosef Cohen who reports directly to the prime minister of Israel. The Mossad works alongside the Israeli military intelligence and internal security arm known as “Aman” and “Shin Bet” respectively. The headquarters of Mossad are in Tel Aviv in Israel. This security agency employs over 7,000 employees and spends close to $2.73 billion annually. Employees of the Mossad are not only based in Israel; some of them inhabit Arab nations and many other countries around the world.

The Functional Units of Mossad

The Mossad comprises several departments namely: collection, political action and liaison, research, technology, and psychological departments. Many of those employed in the collection department work undercover as they are responsible for foreign spying operations. On the other hand, the political action and liaison department are responsible for keeping track of the activities of foreign powers including their intentions and plans. The research department engages in the evaluation, analysis, and interpretation of all the pieces of foreign intelligence received from other departments in Mossad whereas the technology department continually seeks innovative methods that can be used to make intelligence gathering and analysis easier and more efficient. Lastly, the psychological warfare department is responsible for spreading propaganda discredit and leaks regarding Mossad activities. It ensures their activities are sealed from the public.

The Duties of the Mossad

Most of the functions performed by Mossad are directly related to the departments discussed above. The first function of Mossad is neutralizing enemies of Israel. Secondly, the organization is responsible for gathering secret information through spies, secret agents, and illegal monitoring devices. Such information helps the country to identify any threats to its security and safety of the Israeli citizens. Thirdly, Mossad helps in covert operations which aims at concealing the identity of their security officers as they secretly fulfill their mission. Most employees of Mossad hide away from the public because their identities must be kept a secret to avoid confrontations. Overall, the role of Mossad is to ensure that peace in Israel is maintained and that nothing within or out of the country threatens that peace.

Mossad is a crucial part of the Israeli government. Over the years it has earned the respect and fear of most countries. In fact, Israel is famous for being one of the best countries for covert intelligence and other military operations. Among the most celebrated Mossad-linked operations was the abduction of the fugitive Nazi war criminal called Adolf Eichmann who was responsible for the mass killing of Jews during the Holocaust. With the help of Mossad, Eichmann was captured, tried, and hanged in Israel.


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