Which Continent is England In?

A map showing England's location in western Europe.
A map showing England's location in western Europe.

England is a 50,300 square mile nation that together with Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland makes up the United Kingdom. England, as well as the rest of the United Kingdom, is located in the continent of Europe.

England is situated on the British Isles (which is made up of the UK and the Republic if Ireland) in the North of the Atlantic Ocean. It is important to note that Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are distinct and separate. Of all the nations on the British Isles, England is the closest to continental Europe as only a 21-mile gap separates the two. England's territory also includes some islands with the Isle of Wight being the largest by size and the second largest by population. According to 2017 estimates, England is home to about 70,763,528 people 82% of whom live in urban centers. London, the nation's capital, is home to slightly under 10 million people making it the country's largest city by population.

Bordering States

England shares its land borders with Scotland and Wales. England's border with Wales stretches for about 160 miles, making it England's longest land boundary, passing through a vast array of terrains such as salt marshes and rivers. Although the border was established in 1536, the government saw it fit to pass the Local Government Act 1972 to settle all contentious issues regarding the boundary. The boundary between England and Scotland is the only other land border Scotland has, and it stretches for about 96 miles. There are a few territories along this border whose ownership is still debated. France and England are separated by the English Channel, a 350-mile long water body.

Land Features

England's highest point is Scafell Pike, a 3200-foot high mountain in the northwest part of the county of Cumbria. Hills and plains make up the majority of the English terrain. One of the most famous mountain chains in England is the Pennines that spreads across the country separating the Northwest of England from the Northeast. The mountain chain stretches across a distance of about 160 miles and at its highest spot it rises to around 2900 feet high. Along the chain lies the Pennine Way, a 268-mile long track that is England's most ancient long-distance trail.

Brief History

England's history stretches back more than 700,000 years ago to the time of early man.Scientists have discovered human bones in the country that are approximately more than 500,000 years old. Various cultures have lived within the nation's borders with the earlier ones working primarily with clay, copper, iron and bronze. The Roman Empire annexation of Britain began in 43 AD during the reign of Emperor Claudius. The communities living in the area at the time were mainly resistant to Roman occupation, and Queen Boudica of the Iceni led one of the most famous revolts. In 1922, England was one of the states that formed the United Kingdom.


England has a higher population than all the other countries of the United Kingdom and the 25th highest in the world. English is the most commonly spoken language in England with close to 100% of the population speaking the language. Christianity is the nation's largest religion accounting for nearly 60% of the nation's population according to data from a 2011 census. English culture is diverse as it draws from the nation's rich past and interaction with various countries.


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