What Are People From the Bahamas Called?

The Caribbean Sea in the Bahamas.
The Caribbean Sea in the Bahamas.

The Bahamas is an archipelagic country situated in the West Indies. The Bahamas is made up of over 700 islands with Andros Island being the biggest by area followed by the Great Inagua. All the 700 islands are part of the Lucayan archipelago, and only 40 of them are inhabited. Some of the inhabited islands include New Providence, Andros Islands, Cat Island, and San Salvador Island among others. The country occupies an area of about 5,358 square miles. New Providence is the most populous Island in the Bahamas with over 274,400 residents. The citizens of the Bahamas are known as Bahamians.


The Bahamas had a population of over 391,232 people by 2010 with 25.9% of the residents being under 14 years old, 6.9% over 65 and 67.2% between 15 years to 64 years old. The country had a population growth of 0.925% in 2010. Over 90.6% of the people are black, 2.1% mixed race and 4.7% white.


English is the official language of the archipelagic state, but a huge percentage of the Bahamians use the Bahamian dialect. The Bahamian dialect, also known as the Bahamianese, is an English-based Creole language. The Haitians, who makeup about a quarter of the population, use a French-based dialect known as the Haitian Creole.


The Bahamas is predominantly Christian with the protestant denominations accounting for over 70% of the population. The Methodists represent 4% of the Bahamians, Seventh-day Adventists (5%), Baptists (35%), Pentecostals (8%), Anglicans (15%), Roman Catholic (14%), and the Church of God (5%). Other smaller religions in the Bahamas include the Rastafarians, the practitioners of Obeah, Muslims, Jews, and Baha’is.


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