US States by Population of Muslims

According to the PEW Research Center, New Jersey is the state with the highest percentage of Muslims, at 3%.

Muslims came to the United States from different backgrounds for various reasons. The first known Muslims to arrive in the US were from Africa as slaves in the 17th century. The second group was Arabs immigrants in the 19th century mainly from Lebanon and Greater Syria who established a Mosque in 1983 in New York. Other immigrants came to further their studies but later converted to Islam. Three-quarter of the Muslims in the United States are immigrants from South Asia, Arab and African Americans.

It is not easy to come up with the exact number of Muslims in the United States since the Census Bureau does not ask the religion of a person during the census process. There has been a steady growth of the number of Muslims since 2007 and statistics show that by 2030 or so the population of Muslims will be almost double since it grows faster than the population of Hindus and the Jews. Muslims are expected to be the second-highest religion following Christians. Their population is projected to be around eight million which translate to about 2.1% of the total U.S. population in the 2050s since for the last 20 years the number of Muslims immigrants has been considerably increasing and currently U.S. Muslims are giving birth to many children compared to Americans and other religious groups.

States by Muslim Populations

Pew Research Centre conducted research which showed that about 1% of the total population in the United States are Muslims. Islam is the highest religion practiced after Christianity, which constitutes for about 70%, and Judaism at about 2% in the United States. The remaining percentage of approximately 23% are non-believers of any religion. 

New Jersey has the largest population of Muslims of around 3%, followed by Arkansas, District of Colombia and New York with about 2%. The states of California, Arizona, Illinois, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Dakota, Oregon, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Pennsylvania, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wisconsin have about 1%. Other remaining states have less than 1% of the population. The smallest population of Muslims are in the states of Washington, Vermont and South Dakota.

Largest Mosque in the US

The most massive mosque is Islamic Centre of America which is in Michigan. The mosque accommodates more than 3000 people. It was restructured in 2005 to cater to the increasing number of Muslims in the United States due to immigration. Mosques totalled about 2,100 in number by the year 2010. Since the distribution of Muslims is uneven, the high number of mosques are built to serve Muslims from various immigrant groups in areas with high number of Muslims.


US States by Population of Muslims

Rank´╗┐State% of Population Identifying as Muslim (Source: PEW)
1New Jersey3%
3District of Columbia2%
4New York2%
17North Dakota1%
25West Virginia1%
27Alabama< 1%
28Alaska< 1%
29Colorado< 1%
30Florida< 1%
31Georgia< 1%
32Hawaii< 1%
33Indiana< 1%
34Kentucky< 1%
35Louisiana< 1%
36Maine< 1%
37Mississippi< 1%
38Missouri< 1%
39Montana< 1%
40Nebraska< 1%
41Nevada< 1%
42New Hampshire< 1%
43New Mexico< 1%
44North Carolina< 1%
45Oklahoma< 1%
46Rhode Island< 1%
47South Carolina< 1%
48South Dakota< 1%
49Vermont< 1%
50Washington< 1%
51Wyoming< 1%

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