The Green Party Movement

Members of the Green Party In A Protest March In The United Kingdom.
Members of the Green Party In A Protest March In The United Kingdom.

5. Overview of Green Ideology and Countries Active

Green Party mainly relates to the green political principles of non-violence, social justice, and environmentalism. This Party is founded to maintain world peace by embracing green social and economic policies. There are nearly 90 countries across the globe, which are the members of Green Party. The six guiding principles, social justice, ecological wisdom, non-violence, sustainability, participatory democracy, and respect for diversity, are part of the Global Greens Charter of this party. The active countries around the world range from Canada to Peru, Ireland to Mongolia, Norway to South Africa, as well as countries from Oceania.

4. History, Spread, and Development

The Green Party came into existence in the 1970's founded in Europe with the development of social movements and environmental awareness in the continent. In the year 1970, Belgium had the elected members from Green Party to the parliament. Even in the year 1980, Kelly’s party, "The Greens" by merging with the Alliance 90 became an important Green Party in the European Continent. Today, the Green Party has spread across many European countries to other developed and developing countries too. The Party in the United States of America is comparatively larger to the Libertarian Party and focuses on some key areas like feminism, decentralization, social justice, global responsibility, etc. There are three main Green Parties in the United Kingdom out of which one is The Scottish Green Party from the Netherlands and the Parties from Wales and England. The success of Green Party has also reached the heights in the countries like New Zealand, Kenya, Australia, Canada, Finland, etc.

3. Contributions and Achievements

The establishment of Green Parties is now in approximately every country, and they have their seats in the parliamentary elections. The main contribution of the parties is in the field of climate change, reforming the economic model, promotion of the vibrant democracy, protection of bio diversity, working for the peace reforms, etc. The members of the Party are working towards serving the common people of the nation. The party has been instrumental in driving policy changes of governments across the world in the subjects of environmental pollution, climate change, biodiversity protections, sustainable developments, etc.

2. Criticism and Challenges

The Green Party was criticized for banning the research of genetically modified organisms. Some of their taxation policies regarding air travel and water consumption were met with protests. The Green Party was also accused of making the society poorer and for shrinkage in the arms of the Armed forces.

1. Modern Significance and Legacy

The Green Party also has significant policies laid down for the benefit of the people as they realize that co-operation from all sections of the society is needed at a global level. They believe that power should remain in the community or local level and economy of the country should be under the democratic control.


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