The Tallest Mountains in Alberta

Mount Assiniboine is one of the tallest peaks in Alberta.
Mount Assiniboine is one of the tallest peaks in Alberta.

Located in Western Canada, the province of Alberta occupies an area of 661,190 square km. Alberta shares its borders with the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Northwest Territories, as well as the US state of Montana. The Canadian Rockies, a part of the Rocky Mountains range, extends into Alberta. The province has many majestic peaks, including Mount Coumbia, which is the second tallest peak of the Canadian Rockies. A list of Alberta’s highest mountains is provided below.

1. Mount Columbia

Alberta’s highest mountain is the 3,747 m tall Mount Columbia. Located near the border of British Columbia, it is the second highest Canadian peak in the Rocky Mountains. The mountain's summit is located within the boundaries of Jasper National Park. The mountain was named after the Columbia River, and was first summited in 1902. Climbing the mountain is relatively easy for seasoned climbers.

2. Twin Peaks Massif

As the name suggests, the massif has two peaks, the North Twin and the South Twin. The North Twin is higher, with an elevation of 3,731 m above sea level, while the South Twin is lower, with an elevation of 3,566 m. The North Twin also ranks third in terms of elevation in the Canadian Rockies. The massif also has a 3,627 m tall sub-peak, which has been named the Twins Tower. The North Twin was first successfully ascended on July 10, 1923.

3. Mount Alberta

Sharing a name with the Canadian province in which it is located, the 3,619 m tall Mount Alberta is Alberta’s third highest peak. The mountain is about 80 km away from the town of Jasper and is located in the upper part of the Athabasca River Valley. The first European to reach the mountain was German explorer Jean Habel in 1901, and the first recorded ascent of Mount Alberta occurred in 1925.

4. Mount Assiniboine

The 3,618 m tall Mount Assiniboine is only 1 m shorter than Mount Alberta, and therefore ranks as Alberta's fourth tallest summit. The mountain is the tallest peak in the Continental Ranges. Mount Assiniboine, which resembles the Matterhorn in the Alps, rises above Lake Magog. The mountain is located on the border between Alberta's Banff National Park and British Columbia's Mount Assiniboine National Park. No roads lead to the mountain, which means that it can only be accessed via hiking routes. However, a helipad allows the access to the mountain by air. The first successful summit of the mountain was made in 1901.

5. Mount Forbes

Mount Forbes is 3,612 m tall, which makes it the fifth tallest mountain in Alberta and the eighth tallest in the Canadian Rockies. The mountain was named after Manx naturalist Edward Forbes. The mountain was successfully ascended for the first time on August 10, 1902.

The 10 Tallest Peaks in Alberta, Canada

1Mount Columbia12,293 ft
2Twin Peaks massif12,087 ft
3Mount Alberta11,873 ft
4Mount Assiniboine11,864 ft
5Mount Forbes11,850 ft
6Mount Temple11,624 ft
7Mount Brazeau11,565 ft
8Snow Dome11,549 ft
9Mount Kitchener11,499 ft
10Mount Lyell11,496 ft

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