The Tallest Mountains On Mars

An orbital view of Mars.
An orbital view of Mars.

Some of the other planets in the solar system have a terrain similar to Earth because they have undergone the same processes that shape the surfaces of planets. Mars resembles Earth in many ways; it has mountains, valleys, and deep gorges that can be seen from above the planet. It has mountains that would dwarf Mount Everest many times over. Some of the tallest mountains on Mars include the following:

Mount Olympus

Olympus is a massive shield volcano mountain with a height of about 72,000 feet which makes it two and a half times taller than Mount Everest. Mount Olympus is the second tallest mountain in the solar system and the youngest of the Martian mountains. The mountain owes its extraordinary size to the absence of mobile tectonic plates on Mars, and this ensures that a volcanic mountain continues to eject lava until it reaches such heights.

Ascraeus Mons

Ascraeus is the second tallest mountain located in Tharsis in the northernmost point of the planet. Ascraeus stands at an impressive 59,793 feet above datum with a diameter of about 250 miles. The constant flow of lava makes the slopes of the mountain gentle with flat terraces that stretch for up to 30 miles.

Arsia Mons

Arsia is the 3rd tallest mountain on Mars standing at 63,300 feet above datum. It has a shallow slope and a huge caldera at the summit that is about 72 miles wide. The mountain is so huge in regards to the volume that when compared to the Mauna Loa it is about 30 times bigger. The massive caldera at the top was formed as a result of the mountain collapsing after the lava ejected dried up.

Pavonis Mons

Pavonis is the fourth tallest mountain on the planet with its highest peak standing at an elevation of about 46,000 feet above datum with a caldera at the summit that measures 30 miles in diameter. It is the smallest of the mountains that are located in the Tharsis region. There is proof to support the claim that the mountain once had glaciers on top

Other mountains

Elysium Mons is another volcanic mountain located in the Elysium region; it stands at an elevation of 46,000 feet above datum. At the top sits a relatively small caldera that is about 8.7 miles in diameter. Other mountains include the Tharsis Tholus that is about 29,000 feet tall, and it is among the only mountains on the Martian surface that have been modified by faulting. There is the Alba Mons which is the most prominent volcanic mountain on Mars regarding area covered.It extends to a total of about 840 miles from its summit with an elevation of 22,000 feet. Ulysses Tholus is located in the mountainous region of Tharsus and stands at 19,000 feet tall. There is also Biblis Tholus that is about 22,000 feet high. Aeolis Mons, commonly called Mount Sharp, is approximately 18,000 feet. There is also Uranius Mons that is 15,000 feet and Hadriacus Mons which is about 12,000 feet tall.


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