Largest Islands In The United States

"Big island" Hawaii is the largest island the United States of America has to its name.

The largest island in the United States is the "Big Island" of Hawaii, which has a land area of 4,029 square miles. The rest of the country's ten largest islands are all located in Alaska, with the exception of Long Island, New York.

The 5 Largest Islands in the United States

Hawaii - 4,029 Square Miles 

The island of Hawaii is often referred to as "the Big Island" in order to differentiate it from the state of Hawaii. Despite its large size, the island is home to under 200,000 people. It is the largest island in the United States and the largest island in the Polynesian region after the two islands of New Zealand

Kodiak - 3,672 Square Miles

Kodiak is the largest island in the state of Alaska, and the second largest island in the United States. The island is mostly made up of wilderness and is sparsely populated, with its largest settlement having a population of around 6,000. 

Puerto Rico - 3,515 Square Miles 

Puerto Rico, a territory of the United States, is also one of its largest islands. Puerto Rico is the fourth largest island in the Caribbean after Cuba, Hispaniola (Dominican Republic/Haiti), and Jamaica. 

Prince of Wales - 2,577 Square Miles

Prince of Wales is another island in the Alaska Panhandle. It is mostly made up of remote communities and is home to a few thousand people in total. 

Chichagof - 2,080 Square Miles

Also in the Alexander Peninsula, Chichagof Island is the fifth largest island in the country. The island is mostly remote and uninhabited. 

What is the Largest Island in the United States?

The Big Island of Hawaii is the largest island in the United States at 4,028 square miles. At second place is Kodiak Island in Alaska, which is 3,588 square miles.

Largest Islands In The United States

Rank´╗┐IslandStateLand Area (Square Miles)
1Hawaii, Hawaii Hawaii4,029
2Kodiak, AlaskaAlaska3,672
3Puerto Rico* *Territory of the United States3,515
4Prince of Wales, AlaskaAlaska2,577
5Chichagof, AlaskaAlaska2,080
6Saint Lawrence, AlaskaAlaska1,710
7Admiralty, AlaskaAlaska1,684
8Nunivak, AlaskaAlaska1,632
9Baranof, AlaskaAlaska1569
10Unimak, AlaskaAlaska1,590
11Long Island, NYNew York1,401


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