Highest Mountains In Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Highlands in Ethiopia hosts the tallest mountain in the country, Ras Dashen.
The Ethiopian Highlands in Ethiopia hosts the tallest mountain in the country, Ras Dashen.

Highest Mountains in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a landlocked country in the Horn of Africa having lost the whole of the coastline along the Red Sea as a result of Eritrea declaring independence from the country in 1993. As a result, Ethiopia is the world leading as the most populous landlocked country. The Blue Nile the chief headstream of river Nile in terms of water volume starts from Lake Tana in the nonwestern part of Ethiopia. Castor Bean, Coffee, and Sorghum are major crops believed to have originated from Ethiopia. The country borders six countries which include Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti, and Eritrea. Ethiopia has a wide terrain with high plateau and endless mountainous ranges divided by the Great Rift Valley. The whole country has a mean elevation of 1330 meters, and the highest point is Ras Dashen with an elevation of 4,550 meters while the lowest point is Danakil depression with an elevation of -125 meters.

Ras Dashen

Ras Dashen is the highest mountain in Ethiopia. It stands at 4550 meters above sea level and is part of Simien Mountain ranges. Simien Mountains National Park is a world heritage site. The national park has scenic landscapes that have been carved out by nature over the years. The Simien Mountains are as magnificent as the Grand Canyon in Arizona, US. Rare species like the Simien fox, the Gelada baboon, and the Walia ibex wild goat only found in Ethiopia, inhabit the mountain.


Mount Ancua is also known as Ankwa, or Weynobar. It is 4462 meters above the sea level. The mountain is also part of the Simien Mountains ranges in northern Ethiopia. The mountain ranges are a popular site for birdwatchers, wildlife lovers and nature enthusiasts.

Kidis Yared

The mountain stands at 4453 meters. It is part of the Simien mountain ranges. The landscape is unique with deep valleys and high plateaus. Human settlements are part of the landscape. The communities cultivate the fertile hillsides for a living. These settlers provide an attraction for tourists who trek up the mountain.


Mount Bwahit is a peak on Simien Mountains. It stands at 4437 meters above sea level. Mount Bwahit is separated from the highest mountain in Ethiopia, Mount Ras Dashen, by a deep gorge. The mountain has steep cliffs and rugged lowlands that provide scenic views to climbers.

Tullu Dimtu

Mount Tullu Dimtu is 4377 meters above sea level. The mountain is found in Bale National Park in South Eastern Ethiopia. The mountain hosts a variety of animal and plant species. Rodents make up a third of the mammal population in the mountain. The Giant mole-rat is a unique species in the area. The rodent is prey for the Ethiopian wolf that is also found in the mountain. The mountain is home to over 280 bird species. Antelope species like Menelik’s bushbuck and mountain nyala are also found in the area. Mount Tully Dimtu’s natural resources are under threat from human activity. Farming and grazing have depleted the mountain vegetation.

The Beauty And Biodiversity Of Ethiopian Mountains

Ethiopian mountains are known for their biodiversity. They also boast of spectacular beauty. The Simien Mountains National Park, home to Mount Ras Dashen, Mount Ancua, and Mount Bwahi, is a world heritage site. Bale Mountains National Park, which hosts Mount Tullu Dimtu, is waiting to be declared a world heritage site. Tourists flock the Ethiopian mountains to enjoy beautiful landscapes and rare animal species. Local communities have co-existed with wildlife in the mountains for many centuries. However, as the human population in the mountains increase, wildlife and mountain plantation is under threat. Conservationists are taking steps to ensure sustainable use of the available resources. Resettling the mountain communities is one of the measures taken. Boosting ecotourism is also helping in conservation efforts.

Highest Mountains In Ethiopia

RankHighest Mountains in EthiopiaElevation
1Ras Dashen4,550 meters
2Ancua4,462 meters
3Kidis Yared4,453 meters
4Bwahit4,437 meters
5Tullu Demtu4,377 meters
6Amba Farit4,270 meters
7Abune Yosef4,260 meters
8Ioll4,220 meters
9Bada4,195 meters
10Kaka4,193 meters

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