Countries With The Most Gold Medals In Male Olympic Gymnastics

A male gymnast performs.
A male gymnast performs.

In Artistic gymnastics, the gymnasts perform short routines on different apparatus that are approximately 30 to 90 seconds and takes very short time for vaulting. The FIG (Federation Internationale de Gymnastique) governs this sport as they regulate the aspects of international competition. It is also a popular spectator sport during Summer Olympics.

Historical Significance of Artistic Gymnastics

The Olympic Medals won by the former Soviet Union and the current Russian Federation in the male artistic gymnastics are 43 Olympic Gold Medals, Japan won 28 medals and USA won 23 medals in male Artistic Gymnastics.


The format of the game in Russia and USSR before the year 1991 was that the gymnasts were from the Russian SFSR or of the Russian origin born in former SSR. They have maintained a strong legacy of winning the championship and the Olympics as they have male stars as Viktor Chukarin and Vitaly Scherbo who were all round champions in Olympic Games. Other male gymnasts like Nikolai Andrianov won 15 medals in three Olympic Games held in 1972, 1976 and 1980. Dmitry Vladimirovich Bilozerchev won three gold medals in the Olympic Games held in the year 1988, and his name is included in the international Hall of Fame. Alexei Nemov who has won nearly 12 Olympic Medals in the artistic gymnastics has won two gold medals in Atlanta Summer Olympics, gold medal in Vault in 1995-96 and Gold in Floor event in 1997.


Japan stands in second position as it was actively involved in male artistic gymnastics during the year 1960-70 and Sawao Kato and Yukio Endo won the all-round Championship and Olympic medals too. The Japanese Gymnasts have also mastered many innovations in artistic gymnastics like the Tsukahara vault. At 2004 Olympic Games, the male gymnasts won the gold medal as a team. The six-time world championship and the Olympic Gold Medalist Kohei Uchimura rated as the best all-round gymnast. Other notable gymnast is Akinori Nakayama who has won the ring event twice in Olympic Games. In the 1968 Summer Olympics, he won four gold medals and again won four gold medals at the 1972 Summer Olympics.


The American team was sent for competing in the 1904 Olympic Games where it won many medals but was not able to win the Triathlon event. Various organizations have contributed to US gymnastics like the YMCA, Sokols, and athletic clubs. They have four national teams in the junior and senior level for both men and women that represent the country in Olympic Games, World Championships, and the Pan American Games. The male athletes are Bart Conner who won the gold medal at every level of championship and showed an impressive performance in 1984 Olympic Games. Peter Vidmar won the Gold Medal in the Olympics in the men's all-round team competition and pommel horse competition.

Artistic Gymnastics - An Emerging Game

Lastly, the artistic gymnastic has emerged as a great sport in the recent years and many legendary performances have been given by great sportspeople. Even many other countries have qualified in the recent years, including South Korea, Canada, Australia, Greece, and Spain, male artistic gymnastics teams have shown considerable performances.

Countries Producing The Most Male Olympic Gymnast Gold Medals

RankCountryOlympic Gold Medals In Male Artistic Gymnastics
1Russia and USSR43
3United States23
6East, West, and Unified Germany14

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