Countries With The Highest Rates Of Lung Cancer Among Men

Smoking is one of the primary causes of lung cancer, a deadly disease that causes misery and pain to the patient of the disease.
Smoking is one of the primary causes of lung cancer, a deadly disease that causes misery and pain to the patient of the disease.

Lung cancer is defined by the rapid virulent growth of cells in an individual’s lungs. This condition is further worsened if left untreated. Metastasis could then occur spreading the cancer growth into nearby tissues until it reaches an incurable stage. The biggest culprit or cause of this condition is long-term smoking of tobacco. Environmental factors such as exposure to asbestos, radon gas, air pollution, and second-hand smoke also trigger the disease. Genetic factors might also play a role in an individual’s susceptibility to the disease. Treatment options depend on the type and cancer level.

Countries with the Highest Cancer Rates

The prevalence of lung cancer among men in some countries have been attributed to many factors such as smoking, environment, and genetics. Three types of cancer are identified with these factors: Lung carcinoid tumor, small cell lung cancer, and non-small cell lung cancer. Treatment prognosis depends on the correct identification of cancer type. Current treatments include chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery. Recovery depends on an individual’s health and tolerance of the side effects from the treatment method employed.

Smoking is estimated to be responsible for 85% of all types of lung cancer and is the highest among Hungarian men in Hungary at about 76.6% in Age-Standardised Rate per 100,000 (World). It also has the highest per capita cigarette usage in the world. Armenia has the second highest rate of lung cancer among men in the world at 72.9%. Armenian men are also smoking cigarettes at a higher rate. FYR Macedonia is third with 71.3% of its men with diagnosed lung cancer. It also has a high tobacco consumption. Serbia is fourth with about 70.3% lung cancer sufferers among its men population. Half of its male population smoke cigarettes. Turkey is fifth with about 63.9% of its men population diagnosed with lung cancer. As of 2016, its social security body has refused to pay for lung cancer treatments. Montenegro is sixth with about 62.4% of its men in its population diagnosed with lung cancer. Statistics also show that these countries rank high in diagnosed lung cancer among men in its population: Poland (60.5%), Kazakhstan (59.2%), Romania (58.8%), and Korea, Democratic People's Republic of (58.5%).

Lung Cancer Symptoms and Statistics

Some studies have pointed to smoking bans and correct nutritional diet in lowering lung cancer risks although no direct correlation has been proven. The American Cancer Society recently published its cancer facts for 2016. It shows that new cancer diagnosed reached a total of 1,685,210 cases in the US alone with cancer mortality reaching about 595,690 people.

People suffering from lung cancer have difficulty managing their daily routines due to the symptoms that accompany their condition. Frequent wheezing, coughing, bloody mucus and shortness of breath make their lives miserable. Treatment options like chemotherapy bring intolerable side effects that are well-known among many informed people. Continuous medical and hospitalization expenses also add a burden to the next of kin or family of the patient. Complete cessation of tobacco smoking is the only way to prevent lung cancer today. Lung Cancer diagnosis always comes too late as the disease is detected only at its later stages.

Countries With The Highest Rates Of Lung Cancer Among Men

RankCountryAge-Standardised Rate per 100,000 (World)
3FYR Macedonia71.3
10Korea, Democratic People's Republic of58.5

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