Countries With Most Airline Accidents In The World

Despite heavily publicized reports of accidents, air travel remains one of the safest modes of travel.
Despite heavily publicized reports of accidents, air travel remains one of the safest modes of travel.

Airline Accidents

An airline accident is defined as any accident that occurs when passengers are onboard an aircraft. It can result in human injury, death, and aircraft damage or loss. The fear of flying is almost always rooted in the fear of having an accident mid-flight. When airline accidents do occur, they are almost immediately reported by news outlets around the world. Over the last 5 years, several incidences have been reported, making it seem as though airline accidents are occurring more frequently than in the past. However, this is not the case. Statistics indicate that since the late 1990s, fatal commercial airline accidents have been on a steady decrease. When considering airline accidents, it is important to remember that the chances of dying in a major commercial airline crash are only 1 in 4.7 million, making it less likely than being struck by lightning. Accidents are more likely to occur in some places than others. This article takes a closer look at the three countries in the world which have the most cases of reported airline accidents.

Countries with the Most Airline Accidents

United States

At the top of the list is the United States, which has recorded 788 airline accidents since 1945. These accidents have resulted in 10,625 deaths. These statistics do not indicate that air travel in the US is less safe than in other countries. Several factors determine the frequency of airline accidents, including the number of flights in operation. It stands to reason that more accidents would occur where more flights take place. The US is considered to have the busiest commercial flight schedule in the world.


Russia has the second highest number of airline accidents and fatalities in the world. Since 1945, airlines in this country have reported 360 accidents and 7,298 deaths. Although this country also has a busy airline travel market, it experiences a few problems which may contribute to its record. In 2011, Russia was considered the most dangerous country to fly from. In that year, the country experienced 9 commercial airline accidents, a number so high that it required an investigation into its air-safety practices. The investigation found that the commercial flights were being flown by insufficiently trained pilots who were following inefficient and outdated safety regulations and procedures.


In the number 3 position is Brazil, with a total of 185 airline accidents and 2,725 deaths. Like the US and Russia, Brazil is responsible for a large percentage of global air traffic. In September of 2006, a flight was headed from Manaus to Rio de Janeiro when it collided with a business jet causing 137 deaths. This accident, known as the Gol Flight 1907, prompted an aviation crisis in the country that lasted until January of 2008. During this time, investigations were conducted into the country’s aviation technology, personnel training, and airline infrastructure. In response to the investigation, air traffic controllers in Brazil went on strike, resulting in massive flight delays, cancellations, and overall disorder. In July of 2007, a TAM flight ran off the runway, exploded, and killed nearly 200 individuals. The crisis resulted in some airline mergers, but no significant results have been reported.

The Worst Airplane Crashes of All Time

On March 27, 1977, two planes collided at the Gran Canaria Airport in Tenerife, Spain, leading to the death of 583 individuals. To this day, it remains the deadliest plane crash in history. The cause of the crash was airport congestion, combined with the presence of thick fog. The accident was responsible to the implementation of several changes across the airline industry, including a more uniform standardization of phrasing used by air traffic controllers.

Countries With Most Airline Accidents In The World

RankCountryNumber Of Airline Accidents Since 1945
14DR Congo60

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