Which Countries Have A Population Over 1 Billion?

Crowd on Nanjing Road in Shanghai, China. Editorial credit: TonyV3112 / Shutterstock.com
Crowd on Nanjing Road in Shanghai, China. Editorial credit: TonyV3112 / Shutterstock.com

In 2017, the global population was estimated to be 7.53 billion. By 2018, this figure had increased to approximately 7.7 billion and continues to grow at an alarming rate. In fact, according to a report by the United Nations (UN), the global population is expected to reach 9.8 billion people by the year 2050. China and India are the world’s most populous countries and the only two with populations greater than 1 billion. The population of China accounts for 18.2% of the global population, while the population of India constitutes about 17.5 %.

Countries With a Population Greater than 1 Billion


China is a country located in the eastern part of Asia. With an area of approximately 9,600,000 square kilometers, China ranks as the fourth largest country in the world, after Russia, Canada, and the United States. According to the 2018 census, China is also the world’s most populous country, with a total population of 1,395,190,000.

The population of China has been impacted by various factors. For example, its population has been significantly impacted by civil wars and the Second World War. In the postwar period, the country's population was less than 400 million. Chairman Mao, a revolutionary and founder of the People's Republic of China, believed population growth was important and encouraged the Chinese people to have more babies.

Between 1959 and 1961, the population of China was also significantly affected by severe famine. As a result, the people were once again encouraged to increase the birth rate, and another major baby boom occurred during this period. Additionally, significant growth was recorded in the 1980s, despite the government's implementation of a one-child policy.


India is a country located in South Asia, and has an approximate population 1,339,590,000. It has area of approximately 1.339 million square kilometers, making it the seventh largest country in the world. The most populated cities in India include New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad. New Delhi is the most populated city in India, with an approximate population of 21.75 million, while Kapurthala is the country's least populated city.

According to a report by the United Nations, the population of India is expected to continue to increase, and if unchecked, will reach 1.6 billion by 2050. Moreover, by 2050 the population of India will likely surpass China, making it the most populated country in the world. The population of China is expected to level off due to the introduction of policies that limit the birth rate. India is experiencing high rates of population growth because it'shttps://www.worldatlas.com/webimage/countrys/africa/ng.htm birth rate is still high compared to the death rate. Poverty and illiteracy are also considered significant contributors to the country's rapid population growth.

Future Population Projections

The populations of China and India continue to increase despite government efforts to reduce the growth rate. Population estimates project that India will be the world's most populous country by 2050, followed by China, Nigeria, and the United States.

List of Countries With a Population Over 1 Billion

1 China1,395,190,000
2 India1,339,590,000

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