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Countries That Start With The Letter H

There are 3 countries that start with the letter H.

The following are countries starting with H:

  • Haiti
  • Honduras
  • Hungary

Which Countries Start With H?


Haiti is located in the Caribbean region. It derived its name from the tall mountain topology. Haiti is generally a mountainous country with several rivers. It has a long coastal strip with a few islands. Haiti occupies an area of 10,714 square miles. The country receives a high amount of rainfall, leading to soil erosion. According to 2016 headcount, there are 10.8 million Haitians. The two major languages spoken in the country are French and Haitian Creole with the main religions being Catholics and Protestant.


Honduras is located in Central America, bordering Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and the Gulf of Fonseca. It occupies an area of approximately 43,433 square miles and the capital city is called Tegucigalpa. The term “Honduras” literally translates to “depth.” Honduras is characterized by mountains and valleys with varying temperatures. The northern part of the country is comparatively cooler and more humid than the south. The country is a home to a variety of flora and fauna with several rainforests, mangroves in the coastal strip, and majestic savannas. The coastal Bay Island is home to dolphins and whales. Mining of metal is rampant. According to the 2016 census, the population of Honduras is approximately 9 million. Mestizo speakers form the majority with the Spanish as the national language. Christianity is the mainstream religion.


Ancient Hungary was set in 895, consisting of nomads with a well-organized army. The Ottoman defeated Hungary and ruled it for over 150 years. The 18th century and early 19th century saw great civilization and reforms, especially after the Napoleon war. The first and second world wars negatively impacted the country. Between 1945 and 1989, the Soviets were in charge of the country. Hungary joined the EU in 2004 as a free state.The topography of Hungary is characterized by mountains and vast valleys. The country has two main rivers namely River Danube and the Tisza and is home to the largest lake in Central Europe called Lake Balaton. The population of Hungary is slightly over 9.9 million people. The majority of the people are Christians and the official language is Hungarian.

Which Countries Start With the Letter H?

Haiti, Honduras, and Hungary all start with the letter H.

Countries That Start With The Letter H

Countries That Start With H

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