Boa Vista - The Capital Of The Roraima State Of Brazil

Aerial view of Boa Vista, Roraima.  Editorial credit: ANDRE DIB /
Aerial view of Boa Vista, Roraima. Editorial credit: ANDRE DIB /

Roraima is the northernmost state in Brazil and shares international borders with Guyana and Venezuela. Roraima encompasses an area of 224,298 km2 and has an estimated population of 450,479, ranking as Brazil's 14th most extensive state and the least populous. The state is subdivided into 15 municipalities, which is the fewest in the country. The Amazon rainforest covers the southern part of the state, while the remainder is covered in grassland and savanna. Roraima experiences a tropical climate and is extremely rich in mineral deposits such as diamonds, gold, marble, and copper. Boa Vista is the state capital of Roraima.

Capital of Roraima

Boa Vista covers an area of 5,687.022 km2 and is situated at an average elevation of 90 m. Boa Vista is different from most other cities in the North Region of Brazil, as it is a planned city. Located in the Northern Hemisphere, just above the Equator, Boa Vista experiences a tropical savanna climate, which includes two distinct seasons. The wet season occurs from April until November, and the dry season begins in December and lasts until March.

Demographics of Boa Vista

Boa Vista has an estimated population of 375,374 and ranks as the most populous city in Roraima. In fact, the city contains nearly half of the state's total population. The area was primarily inhabited by indigenous populations until the 1970s, when it experienced significant population growth, both from within Brazil and externally, namely from Venezuela and Guyana. As a result, Boa Vista is a multicultural city and includes the following population groups: indigenous Brazilian, Venezuelan, Lebanese, African, German, and Portuguese.

History of Boa Vista

Boa Vista was the first urban area in Roraima. The founding of São Joaquim Fort in 1775, about 32 km from Boa Vista, increased the importance of the region, and Boa Vista do Rio Branco (the city's original name) was eventually established on July 9, 1890, by the Governor of Amazonas, Augusto Villeroy. During the Second World War, Boa Vista was named the capital of the newly created Federal Territory of Rio Branco, which was later upgraded to a state and renamed as Roraima.

Economy of Boa Vista

Boa Vista contributes significantly to the GDP of Roraima, as it is the largest city in the state. The location of Boa Vista, which is closely connected to two major cities across international borders, Lethem (Guyana) and Santa Elena de Uairén (Venezuala), results in significant economic opportunity and trade between the three cities. Substantial trade also occurs between Boa Vista and Manaus, the capital of the state of Amazonas. Given the city's location in the interior of Brazil, air travel connects Boa Vista with other parts of the country.


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