Biggest Religions in England

An old Anglican church in England.
An old Anglican church in England.

England is a country which is a constituent part of the UK, and it shares its borders with Scotland and Wales. The country also has a coastline along the Celtic Sea and the Irish Sea while the North Sea separates England from the mainland continental Europe. The population of England today is around 55 million.

The Church of England is the state church of England. Other common religions in England include the Roman Catholic, Methodist, and the Baptist. Other religions with significant followings include Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Baha'i Faith, and neo-paganism. There are also significant populations who adhere to atheism, humanism, and irreligion.

Biggest Religions in England


Anglican is part of the Church of England and has the highest following in England. The bishop of Canterbury is the senior-most cleric of the church while the monarch is supreme governor. In 2010, the Church of England had 25 million baptized members out of the total population of 41 million Christian members in Great Britain.

Roman Catholic

The Roman Catholic church in England is under the Bishops conference together with the Catholic church of Wales. The president of the Bishops conference is the Archbishop of Westminster. According to ecclesiastical titles act of 1851, Roman Catholics are prohibited from using similar names as the Anglican dioceses. From 1840 to 1850 there was a great famine, which led to a large influx of Irish Catholics in England, and recently the royal family allows marrying of Roman Catholic without being ineligible to succeed the throne. Similarly, recent immigration from countries that are largely Catholic like Lithuania and Poland has amplified the membership of the Catholic Church in England. As of 2009, it was estimated that there were approximately 5.2 million adherents of Catholic denomination in England and Wales which was approximately 9.6% of the total population.

The Fastest Growing Religion In England

Islam is currently the fastest growing religion in England, and the majority of its followers have the lowest age on average compared to other major religions. Islam is 2nd largest religion in England, and in 2011 there were 2.7 million Muslims in England which translated to 5% of the population, and this was the largest Muslim population in the whole of UK. Most of the Muslims in England live in London, and they practice Sunni Islam.

Biggest Religions in England

Rank´╗┐ReligionPopulation (%)
2No religion24.74%
3Religion not stated7.18%
9Other religion0.43%

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