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Colombia History Timeline

Colombia's Information

Flag of Colombia
Land Area 1,038,700 km2
Water Area 100,210 km2
Total Area 1,138,910km2 (#25)
Population 47,220,856 (#29)
Population Density 45.46/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $688.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $14,100
Currency Peso (COP)
More Information Colombia Map
Largest Cities
  • (1525) Spain began conquest of Colombia
  • (1535) First permanent settlement in South America founded at Santa Marta
  • (1536-1538) Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada led expedition into Andes
  • (1538) Spain established settlement of Santa Fe de Bogotá, current capital
  • (1550) African slaves shipped to work on Colombian plantations
  • (1564) Spanish government appointed president to govern Colombian colony
1700s - 1800s
  • (1700) Viceroyalty of New Granada consisted of Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama
  • (1810) Colombia declared independence from Spain
  • (1814) Spain sent troops to South America to suppress uprising of colonists
  • (1819) Simon Bolivar defeated Spanish at Battle of Boyaca; Republic of Gran Colombia formed with Ecuador, Panama, Venezuela
  • (1830) Federation of Gran Colombia dissolved
  • (1853) Slavery abolished
  • (1891) Colombian National Police created
  • (1899-1902) Civil War of the thousand days
  • (1903) Panama seceded from Colombia with USA backing; allowed USA to build Panama Canal
  • (1910) Astronomer Julio Garavito Armero discovered crater on moon's far side (Garavito crater)
  • (1922) USA paid Colombia $25 million for loss of Panama
  • (1939-1945) Colombia helped USA keep Panama Canal open during World War II
  • (1948-1957) 250,000-300,000 killed in civil war
  • (1989) USA supplied government with military equipment to help rid Colombia of drug dealers
  • (1993) Pablo Escobar, drug cartel leader, shot dead after trying to evade police
  • (2000) "Plan Colombia" won almost $1 billion (US) in military aid to fight drug dealers, rebels
  • (2001) FARC rebels freed 359 police, troops in exchange for 14 captured rebels
  • (2002) Peace talks broke off with FARC rebels after 3 tortuous years
  • (2003) Car bomb killed six, injured 11 in Bogotá
  • (2004) USA President George W. Bush visited Cartagenade de Indias
  • (2005) FARC launched massive attack in remote village of San Marino
  • (2006) USA, Colombia reached free trade agreement after nearly two years
  • (2007) The Nevado del Huila volcano erupted after 500 years
  • (2007) Colombia's navy made largest drug seizure in nation's history - nearly 27 tons of cocaine buried along Pacific coast.
  • (2008) Hundreds of thousands of Colombians wearing white T-shirts marched at home, abroad to demand that FARC, the country's largest rebel group, stop kidnapping people, release those it held
  • (2009) Colombia's anti-narcotics police seized 5.7 tons of cocaine and base in jungle laboratory run by Black Eagles, the largest new generation paramilitary group
  • (2010) Air, ground assaults on two rebel camps killed 18 insurgents and captured 13

Colombia Trivia

What is the Largest Ethnic Group in Colombia?

The Mestizo ethnic group claims a 53.5% share of Colombia’s population.

Ethnic Groups Of Colombia

What Is The Capital Of Colombia?

Bogota is the capital of Colombia. It is the largest city in the country. Bogota is administered as the Capital District and is held to be a territorial entity of the first order. It is also the nation’s economic, cultural, artistic, and sports hub.

What Is The Capital Of Colombia?

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