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New Hampshire

Map of New Hampshire
Locator Map of New Hampshire

  • (1622) King James I granted region between Salem and Merrimac Rivers to John Mason, Sir Ferdinando; granted region between Merrimac and Kennebec Rivers to David Thomson
  • (1623) Dover settlement founded
  • (1629) John Mason received land grant and named the new settlement New Hampshire
  • (1641) Massachusetts Colony gained control of New Hampshire settlements
  • (1642) School Act of Massachusetts, required children to be taught reading, citizenship, religion
  • (1645) First recorded slave in Portsmouth
  • (1690) Warship, Falkland, constructed for British Navy in Portsmouth
  • (1691) New Hampshire permanently separated from Massachusetts, becoming the Royal Province (colony) of New Hampshire.
  • (1717) John Wentworth became New Hampshire's lieutenant governor
  • (1734) Religious revival, Great Awakening, swept through New Hampshire
  • (1741) Bennington Wentworth became Colony Governor
  • (1765) King George III's Stamp Act went into effect
  • (1774) New Hampshire first state to declare independence from England; Powder raid occurred
  • (1776) Declaration of Independence read on state house steps; independent government established; state adopted revolutionary constitution
  • (1778) New Hampshire first state to hold constitutional convention
  • (1783) New Hampshire first state to require constitution be referred to people for approval
  • (1788) U. S. Constitution ratified; New Hampshire became 9th U. S. state
  • (1808) State capitol established in Concord
  • (1809) Explosion at Fort Constitution on Independence Day killed 14 people
  • (1813) Devastating fire in Portsmouth
  • (1819) Taxation for church purposes prohibited by religious toleration act
  • (1833) First U. S. public library founded in Peterborough
  • (1840) Webster-Ashburton Treaty determined official border between state and Canada
  • (1853) Hillsboro native, Franklin Pierce, became 14th U. S. President
  • (1864) Largest wooden ship, USS Franklin, built in Portland
  • (1865) New Hampshire's 18th Regiment led Union troops into Richmond, VA during Civil War


  • (1905) Treaty of Portsmouth signed in Portsmouth, ended Russo-Japanese War
  • (1916) New Hampshire held first primary
  • (1938) First aerial passenger tramway in North America established at Cannon Mountain
  • (1939) USS Squalus submarine sunk near Portsmouth; 26 killed
  • (1945) WWII German u-boats surrendered at Portsmouth
  • (1961) New Hampshire native, Alan Shepard, became first American in space
  • (1964) New Hampshire Lottery began
  • (1986) Space shuttle, Challenger, exploded; New Hampshire school teacher, Christa McAuliffe, killed
  • (2003) Rocky icon, Old Man of the Mountain, collapsed
  • (2005) Torrential rains caused roads, bridges to be wiped out, over 1,000 evacuated, seven died, property damages exceeded $15.8 million
  • (2007) New Hampshire first state to recognize same-sex unions
  • (2008) State of emergency declared after ice storms crippled electical grids

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