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New Hampshire

New Hampshire History Timeline

  • (1622) King James I granted region between Salem and Merrimac Rivers to John Mason, Sir Ferdinando; granted region between Merrimac and Kennebec Rivers to David Thomson
  • (1623) Dover settlement founded
  • (1629) John Mason received land grant and named the new settlement New Hampshire
  • (1641) Massachusetts Colony gained control of New Hampshire settlements
  • (1642) School Act of Massachusetts, required children to be taught reading, citizenship, religion
  • (1645) First recorded slave in Portsmouth
  • (1690) Warship, Falkland, constructed for British Navy in Portsmouth
  • (1691) New Hampshire permanently separated from Massachusetts, becoming the Royal Province (colony) of New Hampshire.
  • (1717) John Wentworth became New Hampshire's lieutenant governor
  • (1734) Religious revival, Great Awakening, swept through New Hampshire
  • (1741) Bennington Wentworth became Colony Governor
  • (1765) King George III's Stamp Act went into effect
  • (1774) New Hampshire first state to declare independence from England; Powder raid occurred
  • (1776) Declaration of Independence read on state house steps; independent government established; state adopted revolutionary constitution
  • (1778) New Hampshire first state to hold constitutional convention
  • (1783) New Hampshire first state to require constitution be referred to people for approval
  • (1788) U. S. Constitution ratified; New Hampshire became 9th U. S. state
  • (1808) State capitol established in Concord
  • (1809) Explosion at Fort Constitution on Independence Day killed 14 people
  • (1813) Devastating fire in Portsmouth
  • (1819) Taxation for church purposes prohibited by religious toleration act
  • (1833) First U. S. public library founded in Peterborough
  • (1840) Webster-Ashburton Treaty determined official border between state and Canada
  • (1853) Hillsboro native, Franklin Pierce, became 14th U. S. President
  • (1864) Largest wooden ship, USS Franklin, built in Portland
  • (1865) New Hampshire's 18th Regiment led Union troops into Richmond, VA during Civil War


  • (1905) Treaty of Portsmouth signed in Portsmouth, ended Russo-Japanese War
  • (1916) New Hampshire held first primary
  • (1938) First aerial passenger tramway in North America established at Cannon Mountain
  • (1939) USS Squalus submarine sunk near Portsmouth; 26 killed
  • (1945) WWII German u-boats surrendered at Portsmouth
  • (1961) New Hampshire native, Alan Shepard, became first American in space
  • (1964) New Hampshire Lottery began
  • (1986) Space shuttle, Challenger, exploded; New Hampshire school teacher, Christa McAuliffe, killed
  • (2003) Rocky icon, Old Man of the Mountain, collapsed
  • (2005) Torrential rains caused roads, bridges to be wiped out, over 1,000 evacuated, seven died, property damages exceeded $15.8 million
  • (2007) New Hampshire first state to recognize same-sex unions
  • (2008) State of emergency declared after ice storms crippled electical grids

New Hampshire Photographs

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New Hampshire Cities, Counties & Area Codes

City County Area Code
Laconia Belknap 603
Wolfeboro Carroll 603
Keene Cheshire 603
Berlin Coos 603
Hanover Grafton 603
Manchester Hillsborough 603
Concord Merrimack 603
Derry Rockingham 603
Dover Strafford 603
Claremont Sullivan 603

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