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Connecticut History Timeline

  • (1614) Dutch trader, Adriaen Block, sailed up Connecticut River, landed near Hartford
  • (1633) Dutch purchased land from Pequot Tribe, made permanent settlement; Plymouth Colony sent William Holmes to establish trading post at Windsor
  • (1634) Weatherford founded, oldest permanent setttlement in state
  • (1635) First English settlers arrived in Windsor; Fort erected at Saybrook
  • (1636) Massachusetts colonists arrived, founded Hartford
  • (1637) War between settlers and Pequot Indians; Capt. John Mason led colonists to victory
  • (1638) New Haven founded
  • (1639) First constitution, the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, adopted; John Haynes chosen as first Governor
  • (1643) Connecticut joined in formation of New England Confederation
  • (1650) Legislature adopted Code of Laws
  • (1662) Governor Winthrop received royal charter for Connecticut Colony from King Charles II
  • (1675-1676) Connecticut participated in King Philip's War; Indians were massacred
  • (1687) King James revoked charter, took colonists' legal rights; Charter Oak incident occurred
  • (1689) Connecticut government resumed under charter
  • (1701) Collegiate School authorized
  • (1717) Collegiate School moved to New Haven, changed name to Yale
  • (1740) Tinware manufactured at Berlin; religious "Great Awakening" occurred
  • (1745) Connecticut troops led by Roger Wolcott captured Louisburg
  • (1765) English Parliament passed Stamp Act
  • (1767) English Parliament passed Townshead Act
  • (1774) Connecticut extended jurisdiction over Susquehanna Company in northern Pennsylvania; Connecticut sent representatives to First Continental Congress meeting in Philadelphia
  • (1775) Connecticut men helped seize Ft. Ticonderoga; first gun powder mill started in East Hartford; militiamen from Connecticut left for Massachusetts for "Lexington Alarm"
  • (1776) Declaration of Independence signed; Nathan Hale captured by British
  • (1777) British troops raided Danbury
  • (1779) British troops raided New Haven, Fairfield, Norwalk
  • (1781) Benedict Arnold, British forced captured Fort Griswold, burned many buildings; one major Revolutionary War battled occurred at New London
  • (1783) Protestant Episcopal Church formed at Woodbury
  • (1784) Connecticut relinquished Westmoreland area to Pennsylvania; act passed for emancipation at age of twenty-five for all Negroes
  • (1787) At Philadelphia Constitutional Convention, the Connecticut Comprise enacted allowing equal representation in Congress, House of Representatives by population
  • (1788) Federal Constitution approved; Connecticut became Nation's fifth state
  • (1792) First turnpike established from New London to Norwich
  • (1795) Connecticut Western Reserve lands sold for $1,200,000, proceeds used to establish School Fund
  • (1802) Brass industry began at Waterbury
  • (1806) Noah Webster published first edition of his dictionary
  • (1814) Hartford Convention held at Old State House
  • (1815) First steamboat on Connecticut River to Hartford

Connecticut Photographs

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Connecticut Cities, Counties & Area Codes

City County Area Code
Stamford Fairfield 203
Bridgeport Fairfield 203
Hartford Hartford 860
Torrington Litchfield 860
Middletown Middlesex 860
Waterbury New Haven 203
New Haven New Haven 203
Norwich New London 860
Vernon Rockville Tolland 860
Willimantic Windham 860

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