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Yukon History Timeline

  • (1825) English Explorer, Sir John Franklin, anchored off Yukon Arctic coastline
  • (1840's) British fur traders, Robert Campbell and John Bell arrived; established trading posts for Hudson's Bay Company along Yukon River
  • (1870) Canada government acquired Yukon from Hudson's Bay Company, became part of Northwest Territories
  • (1895) New boundaries established, Yukon became district of Northwest Territories
  • (1896) Gold discovery made near Dawson Creek by George Carmack and two native North Americans, Skookum Jim and Tagish Charlie
  • (1897 - 1898) Klondike Gold Rush brought thousands of people, formed tent city
  • (1898) Yukon Territory officially established; Dawson City named capital
  • (1899) Gold Rush over, thousands left Yukon
  • (1900) White Pass and Yukon Railway completed from Whitehorse, Yukon to Skagway, Alaska
  • (1903) Dispute regarding Canada-Alaska border resolved, panhandle given to Alaska, Yukon cut off from Pacific Ocean
  • (1919) Women received right to vote
  • (1942) Construction of Alaska Highway began, brought thousands of temporary workers to Yukon
  • (1953) Capital moved from Dawson City to Whitehorse
  • (1958) Schwatka Lake created by damming of Yukon River for hydroelectric power plant
  • (1970's) World's largest open-pit zinc and lead mine opened in Faro; gold mining returned
  • (1972) Chief Elijah Smith published "Together Today For our Children Tomorrow" regarding aboriginal land claims
  • (1970s - 1980s) Negotiations took place regarding aboriginal land claims, agreement ultimately rejected
  • (1978) Responsible government achieved, party politics established
  • (1979) Dempster Highway opened - only all-weather road in Canada crossing Arctic Circle
  • (1993) Council for Yukon Indians, Government of Canada, Yukon territorial government signed Umbrella Final Agreement, terms for final land claim settlements in Territory; Government of Canada agreed to transfer to Yukon administration and legislative jurisdiction over oil and gas in Yukon - Canada-Yukon Oil and Gas Accord
  • (2003) Yukon Act updated, name of Yukon Territory changed to Yukon
  • (2004) Liberal MP, Larry Bagnell, won re-election with nearly half the votes cast
  • (2005) Yukon had highest rate of access to high speed internet services in Canada
  • (2007) Flooding in Southern Lakes region forced evacuations
  • (2008) Yukon's incidents of assaults, sex crimes, robberies and violent crimes were some of the highest in the country
  • (2011) Yukon incidents of assaults, sex crimes, robberies and violent crimes were some of the highest in the country
  • (2011) Darrell Pasloski elected Premier
  • (2012) Mining rush and stimulus spending brought near-zero vacancy, high rents and housing prices in Whitehorse

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