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Caribbean Facts

  • Caribbean Population: 36,314,000 (2010 est.)
  • World Populations (all countries)
  • Ethnic groups: Afro-Caribbean, Indo-Caribbean, Native Americans (Arawak, Caribs, Tainos), European, Asian Demonym West Indian and Caribbean
  • Major Languages: Spanish, English, French patois
  • Governments: 13 sovereign states; 2 overseas departments and 14 dependent territories, tied to the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands and the USA
  • Largest Caribbean Cities: (by metro population)
  • Largest Caribbean Countries: (by population) (2010 est.)
    • Cuba - 11,087,330
    • Dominican Republic - 9,956,648
    • Haiti - 9,719,932
    • Jamaica - 2,868,380
    • Trinidad & Tobago - 1,227,505
    • Bahamas - 346,000
    • Barbados - 257,000
    • St. Lucia - 161,557
    • Grenada - 108,419
    • St. Vincent & the Grenadines - 103,869

A handful of countries border the Caribbean Sea and some have cays, inlets, islands and inhabited reefs off of their immediate coastline; all are considered a part of the Caribbean region. They include:

BELIZE: Ambergris Caye, Caye Caulker, Glover's Reef, Half Moon Caye Hicks Cays, Lighthouse Reef, St. George's Caye, South Water Caye and Turneffe Islands

COLOMBIA: Archipelago of San Andres and Providencia

HONDURAS: Bay Islands, and Swan Islands

MEXICO: Isla Contoy, Isla Cozumel and Isla Mujeres

NICARAGUA: Corn Islands, Cayos Miskitos and Pearl Cays

PANAMA: Kuna Yala Islands (more than 1300 islands) and Bocas del Toro Archipelago (approximately 300 islands)

VENEZUELA: Blanquilla Island, Coche Island, Cubagua Island, Isla Aves, Islas Los Frailes, Isla Margarita, Isla de Patos, La Sola Island, La Tortuga Island, La Orchila, Las Aves Archipelago, Los Monjes Archipelago, Los Hermanos Archipelago, Los Roques Archipelago and Los Testigos Islands

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