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Italy History Timeline

Italy's Information

Flag of Italy
Land Area 294,140 km2
Water Area 7,200 km2
Total Area 301,340km2 (#71)
Population 62,007,540 (#23)
Population Density 210.81/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Republic
GDP (PPP) $2,220.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $36,300
Currency Euro (EUR)
More Information Italy
Largest Cities
  • (900 BC) Iron Age: communities established in river valleys in Etruria
  • (800 BC) Greeks settled in Southern Italy and Sicily
  • (753 BC) Legendary founding of Rome by Romulus
  • (715-673 BC) Numa Pompilius reigned as second King of Rome
  • (616 BC) Etruscans became rulers of Rome
  • (509 BC) Last Etruscan king forced out of Rome; Roman Empire established
  • (499 BC) Romans defeated Latins and Etruscans in Battle of Lake Regillus
  • (400 BC) Gauls settled along Po River valley
  • (390 BC) Gauls sacked Rome
  • (312 BC) Via Appia and Aqua Appia aqueducts built
  • (265 BC) Romans took over last Etruscan city
  • (264-241 BC) First Punic War occurred
  • (237 BC) Romans moved into Corsica and Sardinia
  • (218 BC) Second Punic War; Hannibal crossed Alps
  • (216 BC) Romans defeated at Battle of Cannae
  • (191 BC) Romans captured Gaulish territory
  • (168 BC) Third Macedonian War ended
  • (146 BC) Third Punic War ended
  • (49 BC) Caesar forces Pompey out of Rome
  • (44 BC) Julius Caesar murdered; Roman Republic brought to an end
  • (31 BC) Marc Antony defeated at Battle of Actium
  • (30 BC) Mark Antony and Cleopatra committed suicide in Egypt
  • (27 BC) Augustus became first Roman Emperor
AD 79 - 900
  • (AD 79) Pompeii and Herculaneum destroyed by eruption of Mt. Vesuvius
  • (80) Coliseum hosted first games
  • (125) Pantheon rebuilt by Hadrian
  • (161-180) Marcus Aurelius reigned
  • (216) Baths at Caracalla completed
  • (270) Aurelian Wall built
  • (320) The first St. Peter's church built
  • (324) Constantine became ruler of Rome
  • (476) Odoacer sacks Rome; Roman Empire ends
  • (485) Atilla the Hun invaded Italy
  • (535) Byzantine Empire took over most of Italy
  • (564) Lombards invaded Italy
  • (774) Charlemagne defeated Lombards, subsequently conquered all of Italy
  • (800) Charlemagne crowned Holy Roman Emperor
  • (878) Saracens took control of Sicily
  • (962) Otto the Great crowned Emperor
1000s - 1100s
  • (1084) Normans pillaged Rome
  • (1139) Naples incorporated into Sicily
  • (1155) Frederick Barbarossa crowned Holy Roman Emperor
  • (1198) Frederick II named King of Sicily

1200s - 1300s

  • (1204) Constantinople pillaged
  • (1220) Frederick II crowned Holy Roman Emperor
  • (1271) Marco Polo left for China
  • (1281) Sicilian Vespers fought against French in Palermo, 2,000 French soldiers killed
  • (1296) Construction on the Duomo in Florence began
  • (1347-49) Black Death pandemic occurred; hundreds of thousands died
  • (1347) Cola di Rienzo tried to reestablish Roman Republic
  • (1354) Cola di Rienzo killed in Rome
1400s - 1500s
  • (1442) Naples captured by Alfonso of Aragon
  • (1458-64) War between Aragon and Anjou over Naples
  • (1494) Charles VIII of France invaded Italy
  • (1512) Michelangelo completed ceiling of Sistine Chapel
  • (1519) Charles I of Spain became Emperor Charles V of Holy Roman Empire
  • (1541) Michelangelo completed Last Judgment in Sistine Chapel
  • (1542) Inquisition established in Rome
  • (1600) Giordano Bruno burned to death by Roman Inquisition for heresy
  • (1626) St. Peter's in Rome consecrated
  • (1647) Fruit tax caused revolt in Naples
  • (1669) Island of Crete taken by Turks; Mount Etna erupts and lava flow destroyed over a dozen villages
  • (1693) Earthquake in Sicily killed over 60,000, destroyed 45 cities
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Italy Trivia

What are the Biggest Industries in Italy?

It is estimated that tourism accounts for 11.8% of Italy's GDP and 12.8% of the total jobs. The country boasts 51 UNESCO as world heritage sites, the most of any other country in the world.

What are the Biggest Industries in Italy?

What is the Largest City in Italy?

Rome is the most populous city in Italy, followed by Milan and Naples. Rome has a population of around 2.8 million people.

The Largest Cities in Italy

What are the Biggest Ethnic Groups in Italy?

The largest ethnic group in Italy is Italian. Around 8% of Italy's population identify as one of the numerous non-Italian minorities, with Romanian Italians being the largest of the minority groups.

Largest Ethnic Groups Of Italy

What Is The National Dish Of Italy?

Ragu alla Bolognese, also known simply as Bolognese, is recognized as the national dish of Italy. The meat based sauce and tagliatelle pasta dish traces its origins in Bologna, Italy, the city from which the meal gets its name.

What Is the National Dish of Italy?

What is the Currency of Italy?

The currency of Italy is Euro.

What is the Currency of Italy?

What are the Demographics of Italy?

Around 8% of Italy’s population identify as one of the numerous non-Italian minorities, with Romanian Italians being the largest of the minority groups. The dominant ethnic group in Italy is the native Italians who mainly speak the Italian language

The Religious Demographics Of Italy

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Aosta Valley Aosta
Apulia Bari
Basilicata Potenza
Calabria Catanzaro
Campania Napoli
Emilia-Romagna Bologna
Friuli-Venezia Giulia Trieste
Lazio Rome
Liguria Genoa
Lombardy Milano
Marche Ancona
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