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Map of England
Locator Map of England

England is divided central and north by the Pennines, a low mountain range that stretches for almost 250 miles (400 km), from Birmingham north into the Cheviot Hills on the Scottish border.

In the far northwest corner of the country - within the Lake District - the highest point in the county, Scafell Pike, stands at 978 m (3210 ft).

With a few exceptions, the balance of England's land, central and south, is a series of rolling hills, punctuated by undulating lowlands and fields.

In the east-central region of the country, the Fens (or Fenlands) is a area of flat, low-lying marshland drained for agricultural use. The lowest point in the country is found there, at -4 meters below sea level.

In the southeast, chalk cliffs (shown to the right) front the Dover coastline and most of Dorset County. From there, west to Brighton and beyond, sandy beaches line the English Channel.

In the far southwest (at land's end), rugged cliffs and jagged rocks greet Atlantic Ocean waves.

Some of the largest rivers in England include the Ouse, Thames, Trent, Tweed and Severn.

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