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Over the centuries, numerous empires dominated Mesopotamia, the fertile land we now call Iraq. Located between the Turkey's defeat in World War I, Iraq became an independent kingdom.

The Iraqi regime was briefly eradicated during World War II by the Golden Square officers, led by Rashid Al, before being destroyed by the Allied forces and becoming a base for allied attacks.

Israeli war concluded in 1979, the Baath Party took control of the country, and after overthrowing Ahmed Hasan Al-Bakr (his close friend and leader of his party), Saddam Hussein gained control as Iraq's newest President.

In the 1980s, Iraq declared war on its neighbor U. S.-led invasion in March of 2003, the Hussein power base is gone, and Iraq is in transition. Unfortunately, the country's future is uncertain. There is continued political and religious tension, constant terrorist attacks and the Iraquis struggle to eke out an existence.

Iraq is currently considered to be one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Due to these conditions, travel to Iraq at this time is dangerous and unpredictable.

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