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Indonesia History Timeline

Indonesia's Information

Flag of Indonesia
Land Area 1,811,569 km2
Water Area 93,000 km2
Total Area 1,904,569km2 (#14)
Population 258,316,051 (#4)
Population Density 142.59/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $3,030.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $11,700
Currency Rupiah (IDR)
Largest Cities

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About Indonesia

400s - 800s
  • (425) Buddhism was introduced to Sumatra
  • (600) Melayu Kingdom flourished on Sumatra
  • (670s) Hindu temples built on Dieng plateau
  • (670s) Sunda Kingdom arose
  • (686) Srivijaya overtook Melayu Kingdom at Jambi
  • (700) Suwawa Kingdom flourished in North Sulawesi
  • (700s) Trade routes were established with China and India
  • (782) Sailendra King Vishnu replaced by Indra
  • (790) Sailendra Kingdom defeated Chenia (present-day Cambodia), and ruled for 12 years
  • (812) Samaratunga replaced King Indra
  • (825) Buddhist temple of Borobudur completed
  • (835) Samaratunga died, Patapan of Sanjaya took kingdom over from Samaratunga's son, replaced Buddhism with Hinduism in Java
900s - 1200s
  • (914) Warmedewa Dynasty ruled Bali
  • (929) Mpu Sinkok, king of Sanjaya Dynasty, moved seat of power to Tamwlang on East Java, established Isyana Dynasty
  • (937) King Mpu Sindok moved capital from Tamwlang to Watugaluh
  • (985) Dharmavamsa became king of Mataram, conquered Bali
  • (1025) Rajendra Chola, king from Cholamandala in South India, conquered Malay Peninsula
  • (1041) Kahuripan divided into two kingdoms, Janggala and Kadiri
  • (1135) King Joyoboyo reunited Janggala and Kadiri into one kingdom
1200s - 1400s
  • (1200s) Javanese Hindu and Buddhist kingdoms flourished
  • (1293) Kublai Khan, founder of Yuang Dynasty, sent punitive expedition to Java after King Kertanegara refused to pay tribute to the Yuan and maimed one of the ministers. Khan's troops were repelled
  • (1297) Sultan Malek Saleh became first Muslim ruler
  • (1377) King of Palembang sent courier to China asking for protection in exchange for the kingdom; Chinese Emperor accepted offer, sent officials to Palembang, but it had been conquered and officials were executed
1500s - 1600s
  • (1500) Islam became Indonesia's dominant religion
  • (1509) King of Portugal sent traders to find Malacca, Sultan Syah captured, killed several of the men, attempted assault on Portuguese ships, which escaped
  • (1513) Portuguese built fort at Sunda Kelapa (present-day Jakarta)
  • (1595) First Dutch expedition to Indonesia led by Cornelis de Houtman
  • (1596) Dutch expedition clashed with Portuguese and Indonesians
  • (1602) Dutch East India Company (VOC) established
  • (1603) First permanent Dutch trading post established in West Java
  • (1611) English established trading posts in several locations, threatening Dutch monopoly for East Indies trade
  • (1613) Dutch expelled Portuguese from fort at Solor
  • (1623) In Amboyna massacre, ten English, ten Japanese traders, arrested, tried and beheaded for conspiracy against Dutch government
  • (1670 - 1900) All of Indonesia brought under one government - the Dutch East Indies


  • (1704 - 1708) In First Javanese War of Succession, Pakubuwona I assumed the throne with the aid of the Dutch, gave VOC the rights to build forts anywhere in Java
  • (1719 - 1723) Second Javanese War of Succession, Amangkurat IV became king, gave additional concession to VOC
  • (1746 - 1755) In Third Javanese War of Succession, Mataram divided into two states: Surakarta and Yogykarta
  • (1800) Dutch East India Company was formally dissolved due to bankruptcy, Dutch East Indies was established
  • (1801) British took control of the Minahasa region
  • (1802) In Treaty of Amiens, Melaka and Maluku were returned to Dutch from British
  • (1802) Dutch began sending military reinforcements to Java
  • (1807) British regained control of Melaka
  • (1811) British forces landed on Java, began period of sovereignty
  • (1815) Mount Tambora on Sumbawa Island erupted, wiped out Tambora culture, over 71,000 killed
  • (1824) British and Dutch signed Treaty of London, divided the Indies between themselves. Dutch took Sumatra, Java, Maluku, Irian Jaya, and others; British claimed Malaya and Singapore, retained their interest in North Borneo. Aceh remained independent
  • (1824) Dutch instituted direct rule of Riau
  • (1825 - 1830) Java War - a rebellion let by Prince Diponegoro against Dutch due to decision to build road across property that contained tombs of the Prince's parents
  • (1830) Java War ended after Prince Diponegoro was tricked into custody by Dutch. Over 15,000 European soldiers were killed, over 200,000 soldiers and civilians of Prince Diponegoro's forces died
  • (1871) Smallpox epidemic in Bali killed 18,000
  • (1873) Dutch began colonization in Aceh Province
  • (1873 - 1913) Aceh War fought between Sultanate of Aceh and Netherlands due to the colonization efforts
  • (1901 - 1910) Dutch annexed states in Bali, Moluccas, Borneo, Sulawesi
  • (1913) Aceh War ended, Dutch annexed Aceh, imposed Dutch rule
  • (1920) Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI) was founded

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